Release 56

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Release Date:  August 8, 2015

We’ve been billing this release as: “LiquidPlanner @Work”. LiquidPlanner @Work is a re-design of some of our core features to make LP easier to use and more engaging for your entire team. Rather than adding a bunch of new features, the product team worked to streamline the existing features. Our goal was to improve the user experience, get team members more engaged in their workspace, and make essential activities like tracking time and estimating effort as easy as possible. This way, PMs and project contributors alike can spend more time focusing on delivering the plan and less time getting key information into and out of LP.


MY WORK and TIMESHEETS are new tabs in the main navigation across the top of the workspace. Read more information on these tabs below.

The SETTINGS tab has been moved under the User (Avatar) Menu. No changes to Settings itself.

The HOME tab no longer has a left hand navigation bar.  Fear not – it’s all still there, and hopefully in more intuitive locations once your eyes adjust. More info about the home tab in another section below.  Home tab navigation change specifics here:

  • BEFORE:  Under “What’s New” were: All Comments, My Comments and Activity Stream as three separate views.
    AFTER: The same information is still there, but in a more powerful way as unified activity stream.  You can now use the toggles to narrow down the one page view from ALL to FOLLOWING, MY ITEMS or MY COMMENTS.
  • BEFORE:  Under “My Work” were: My Tasks, Timesheet, Calendar, Status Report.
    AFTER: My Tasks is now “My Upcoming Tasks” and has moved to the new “My Work” tab.
    AFTER: Timesheet has its own tab.
    AFTER: Find “View My Calendar” under the “Coming Up” widget on the right side of the Home tab.
    AFTER: Find “View My Status Report” under the “Last Week” widget on the right side of the Home tab.
  • BEFORE: “Management” headings: Review Timesheets and Export Timesheets.
    AFTER:  Owners and Managers will still have links to get to Review and Export from the Home tab – they’ve simply moved to the right side under the “Timesheet Review” widget. Additionally, both of these pages can be found on the Timesheet tab.

The SEARCH capsule has been replaced by a magnifying glass icon and moved up to the black header, next to your avatar. Click the magnifying glass to expand and begin typing. search


STAND-ALONE EDIT PANEL. The edit panel itself has not changed at all – everything inside is the same.

  • This new edit panel is seen (and pops open) in six different places, when clicking on plan item names: Home, My Work, Timesheets, Search, Calendar, My Status Report.
  • Make detailed edits/changes to a plan item without leaving the tab you’re on.
  • Click and drag the edit panel to move it.  Grab and drag edges to re-size it.
  • Close the panel by clicking outside of it, or on the “X” in the upper right corner. The escape key works too.
  • Look for the jump link at the end of the task name field.
    jump to projects Click it to switch quickly to the Project tab from the edit panel if you need to see the same information in the context of the larger plan. (Formerly, this was on the left side of the split screen, next to the task name.)

TO DO LIST. The new private To Do List feature allows you to quickly capture reminders, ideas, and the little ad hoc things you have to get done throughout your week.

  • Items on the To Do List are hidden to all other workspace members unless you convert them into tasks. (You cannot add items to another member’s To Do list.)
  • Add a new To Do item by typing in the “Add a new to-do” field.
  • Add up to 50 active items. And 50 items can be marked done.  (If there’s a 51st item marked done, the oldest marked done item is going to drop off.)
  • Click the item name to edit, convert to a task or delete.
  • Check the box to mark it complete.
  • Use case: Let’s say I found a bug, and I don’t have time to write up steps to reproduce it until later. I don’t want to forget about it, so I’ll add a to-do called “Bug: widget not updating properly”. When I’m ready to toss it into the Inbox for triaging, I can quickly convert the To Do into a task, immediately pop open the stand-alone edit panel and use the notes section, or make a comment, with my repro steps and images. Huzzah!
    convert todo

WIDGETS. On the right side of the Home tab you’ll find new contextual widgets. They provide glimpses into different areas of your work. Owners and Managers will have widgets that help them monitor things like timesheet status while project contributors will see widgets that provide high-level stats about their progress and accomplishments. There will also be a LP Product Announcements widget at the top.


Changes and additional information not mentioned above:

  • The Home tab has been overhauled to combine the different comment and activity pages into a single, powerful workspace activity stream.  The overall appearance of this page has changed, including icons.
  • The toggles at the top – All, Following, My Items, My Comments – let you focus specifically on the updates and conversations that matter most.  In addition to narrowing down what you see with the toggles, you can also limit the view further by checking the “Show Comments Only” box.
  • By default, the three most recent UPDATES per plan item are displayed. A “View More Updates [+]” button will appear if there are more to see.  When clicked, up to 10 more will display at a time.
  • REPLY to comments in line.  Hover to see the buttons as you do now, but only pop open the editor if you need it.
  • The FOLLOWING option is a new option that allows you to view just the recent activity and/or comments specifically on the items you are Following. Similarly, you can see the recent activity and/or comments specific to the items you own, and exclude those you are following. Formerly this was all lumped together.
  • The My Tracking widget showing hours logged, My Status and My Upcoming Task lists (bar across the top of the “All Comments” view” has been replaced by the new “X hours this week”,  “Coming Up” and “Last Week” widgets along the right hand side.
  • Filter capsule has been removed.


For those who are newer to LP, this tab is not actually new. The My Work tab has been brought back by popular demand! It has been re-imagined and greatly improved to bring together your upcoming tasks as well as visibility into tasks that have been recently marked done. The idea was to make it easy for you to tell what’s important so you can get right to work.


  • No more split screen. Replaced by stand-alone edit panel that opens when you click the task/event/milestone name.
  • View both upcoming plan items as well as those recently marked done. (Done items drop to the bottom of current week.)
  • Customizable columns have been added to the tab – choose up to three to keep important information in view without having to pop open the edit panel.
  • In-line editing is possible in each column. Different editing options are available depending on which columns are selected/exposed. E.g. track time, re-estimate, or update custom fields directly, without opening the edit panel.
  • In-line alerts will be displayed.
  • Checklist items are exposed in-line. (Thus the view options picker for “My Tasks + Checklist Items”, “My Tasks Only” and “Checklist Items Only” has been removed.)
  • New TO DO LIST feature on right.
  • The ability to CREATE A NEW TASK is displayed prominently at the top of the page.  This field took the place of the quick filter.  Once you begin typing in the “Create a new task” field, a button will appear which allows you to change the default INBOX to a different location of choice.
  • Quick filter has been removed. (It’s still on Timesheet and Projects tabs.)
  • The “Add” button, for adding a new task (or milestone or event) to the Inbox has been removed.


Owners and managers can toggle between My Timesheet, Review Timesheets and Export Timesheets all on one screen. Functionality of each has not changed, other than the styling at the top and buttons.

  • Timesheet state is now more easily known.  The “Submit Timesheet” button has been changed to say “Not Submitted” when in that state.
  • Once submitted, button changes to say “Submitted”.  Clicking it again shows the option to “Re-Open”.
  • In Timesheet Review, the options to “Approve & Lock” and “Request Update” are under the “Submitted” (or “Not Submitted”, depending on the state) button.


DAILY DIGEST EMAILS:  formerly known as “Upcoming Task” emails.

  • These got a major visual overhaul and are now more timely and relevant.  Daily Digest emails are sent an hour before your work day starts. They will not be sent on days when you do not have any availability. (Formerly sent 7 days a week or never.)
  • Time sent is based on the time zone and daily start time set in “My Profile”.
  • Daily Digest email shows your progress this week and your highest priority tasks.
  • There’s a Monday Morning Edition that will arrive, on your first day of your work week that provides a recap of the prior week.  It will have a reminder for timesheet submittal, if the timesheet from the previous week did not get submitted.
  • Additionally, it has reminders for stopping timers, submitting timesheet for approval, and links to jump to upcoming tasks, or to the timesheet with relevant task highlighted in order to quickly and easily track progress.

RECENT CHANGE NOTIFICATIONS:  update to the “friendly from” address.

  • When comments are directed @you (or @team or @all), the email notification from LP will show the full name of the member that posted the comment.
  • If there’s no “@” mention, the email will continue to be sent from “LiquidPlanner Notifications”
    friendly from2
  • For both of the above, the actual email address that the notifications are from is still

FIXED:  when a non-workspace member used email integration to create and assign a new task to a workspace member, the member was not getting notified. This now works as expected.


The TIMER and SCHEDULE READY ICONS got spiffed up.

WORKSPACE NAME is now under the user (avatar) menu.


  • TEXT CHANGE for Recurring Partial Day Events:  When scheduling recurring partial day events, with regard to the ongoing finish date setting, the word “occurrences” has been replaced by “cycles”.
  • FIXED: All event recurrences will show on timesheet instead of only first occurrence All instances of recurring events are now shown on timesheet, for the appropriate week scheduled. (Bug was that only first occurrence showed.)
  • IMPORT WIZARD: Now show correct PDE icon in import step 5 when importing from a spreadsheet, if importing a PDE, the proper event icon is now used on step 5 of the wizard. We were erroneously displaying a task icon.


  • Clicking the paperclip jump icon at the top of the edit panel will expand both the “Documents” and “Links” sections at once if they were both collapsed.
  • Containers no longer count Comments/Docs from deleted items When looking at a container (package, project, subfolder) counts for documents and comments – the number showing will no longer include any documents or comments on plan items that have been deleted.

DATE FORMAT FIX: YYYY/MM/DD is now accepted as date on submit from Add item dialog. E.g. The following date formats now work to create a task with a deadline of August 10th: “Task A, 2015/08/10”

MAX EFFORT alert added. Now the yellow flag alert is triggered when the Total Expected Effort (logged + remaining) reaches 80% of the Max Effort value. Previously, it was triggered when the worst case Total Expected Effort exceeded the Max Effort.
Approaching Max Effort


Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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