Release 57

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Release Date:  August 29, 2015

This release focused largely on continued updates to LiquidPlanner @Work (Release 56) and implementing changes based on customer feedback with design updates for Timers, Alerts, and a few small changes to the My Work tab. This release also includes a new Expenses feature for Enterprise customers.


NEW: Widgets displayed on the Home tab (My Recent Dashboards, Timesheet Review, Hours This week, Coming Up and Last Week) can now be reordered via drag and drop allowing members to customize your Home tab view and quickly access the information of greatest interest.

CHANGED: The layout of the Personal Status Report (“View My Status Report”) has been cleaned up visually. It now uses a date filter button that is consistent with other date filters in the app.  The team association now displays next to the member name above the task list. Availability hours and the print button are no longer displayed in this view. (Right click and print with browser provides exact same result.)

FIXED: The Task Counts and Hours Logged metrics in the Daily Digest and Home tab widgets now refer to Assignment level done status rather than overall Task level done status. Previously the logic behind these metrics in the widgets and emails were pointed at slightly different ‘done’ statuses. Now they all draw from the same measurement allowing for consistent Hours Logged and Task Count values across Daily Digest emails and Home tab widgets.


NEW: On My Work, there is now an option to hide or show the tasks recently marked done. Note that the item most recently marked done will always display at the bottom of the current week. All other items with your assignment marked done that week can be displayed or hidden by clicking the Show all or Hide toggle. Previously, all items marked done that week displayed with no option to hide them.

CHANGED: An alert has been added back, to indicate when a task has an unfulfilled dependency. The alert will display only on the dependent task with a yellow exclamation point and message saying “Depends on another Task.” (No alert will be displayed on the predecessor task).

CHANGED: A checklist icon has been added to the left of the task where you have a checklist item assigned, but are not an owner on the task.

CHANGED: A 255 character limit has been put in place for To Do list items.

FIXED: On Events, only relevant owners (those selected in the edit panel, rather than those automatically added by tracking time to an event) will display in the Owners column on My Work, matching this same behavior from the Projects tab. Previously the My Work Owners column was including all owners rather than just relevant owners.

FIXED: If the Hours Logged column is selected, the field is now editable for tasks where a member has a checklist item assigned but is not an owner on the task. Previously the column was only editable if the member was an owner of the task.


CHANGED: Timers have been redesigned with a sleeker and more user friendly look. A pause symbol has replaced the stop symbol and the timer has been merged such that the play/pause and the Use/Clear drop-down menu are all located in a single button. Running timers, as well as paused and un-started timers all display in orange. Formerly, only running timers displayed in orange and other timers displayed in blue.

CHANGED: The yellow indicator (in the hours field) representing the presence of a timesheet note has been moved and now sits at the upper right-hand corner rather than the left.

FIXED: The vertical timesheet alignment has been fixed to better align the date and hours columns.


NEW: By popular request, Dashboards can now be printed! Use your standard browser printer – it’s even smart enough to omit the Recently Viewed menu on the left-hand side of the screen for an improved print layout.

CHANGED: The Intake Form widget now supports the Notes field. It is now possible to include notes or images when submitting a task or project via the Intake Form widget.


  • The Expenses feature is available to Enterprise level workspaces only.
  • For Enterprise customers, the Task edit panel will now include an Expenses section which allows for the capture of billable and non-billable costs incurred such as materials, travel expenses, or fixed-fee services.
  • The Billable and Non-billable Expense totals roll up to the Project and the Client level.



  • The yellow alert icon, previously a circle with a yellow triangle has now been changed to a yellow exclamation point.
  • A Manual Alert, previously a red flame icon has been changed to a green exclamation point.

MAX EFFORT ALERT: The Approaching Max Effort alert (yellow exclamation point) now displays when the Hours Logged is over 80% of the Max Effort value. Previously the alert displayed when the Total Hours (Hours Logged + Hours Remaining) was over 80% of the Max Effort. There was no change to the Exceeding Max Effort alert (red flame icon) which still measures when your Total Hours have exceeded the Max Effort value.

DEPENDENCY ALERT: On My Upcoming Tasks, an alert will display when a task has an unfulfilled dependency. (See more details in the My Work section above.)


  • The LiquidPlanner logo in the top left-hand corner of the workspace is no longer an active link to the Workspace Directory. The Workspace Directory is accessed by clicking the User Menu (profile picture) > Workspace Directory.
  • Clicking on a cross-reference link or dependency link in the stand-alone edit panel will now navigate to the linked plan item while remaining in the stand-alone edit panel in the same tab. Previously, clicking on a dependency or cross-reference link caused a jump to the edit panel for that plan item on the Projects tab.


  • API support has been added for To-Do list items on My Work.
  • API support has been added for Expenses.
  • Please see our API guide for more information on both of the above.


VISUAL CHANGE: The blue LiquidPlanner header has been added to the Dashboards, Analytics and Settings tabs.

CHANGED: Daily Digest emails will have a rotating (conditional) message.

FIXED: In a Project edit panel, if the Client drop-down list is selected and there have been no clients yet added to the workspace, a message now states that there are no clients. Previously, the drop-down list opened and appeared to be perpetually loading.

REMOVED: The message “Welcome back, [name]! We missed you while you were out” no longer displays when logging into the workspace.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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