Release 58

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Release Date:  September 26, 2015



NEW: A Request Update alert displays on My Work with a question mark and orange box icon (in-line next to item) when an update has been requested.

FIXED: Event Start and Finish dates are now displayed in the Delay Until and Deadline columns. Likewise, a Milestone date will display in the Deadline column.

FIXED: Changing an Event Start or Finish date in the stand-alone edit panel automatically updates the Expected Start or Expected Finish columns without needing to refresh the page.

FIXED: The Expected Start and Expected Finish columns for a recurring Partial Day Event display the Start date of the Partial Day Event. The next occurrence of the recurring Partial Day Event is displayed in the dark grey box under the event title.


NEW: The schedule bar for a recurring Partial Day Event has dark blue line graphics displayed on either side of the recurrence pattern to represent the Start and Finish dates of the recurring Partial Day Event.

FIXED: When hovering over the chevron arrows displayed immediately adjacent to “packaged” plan items, the help text has been added back. It says: “This task has been packaged in a higher/lower priority package.”


UPDATES to the Time Tracking pop up window:

• A button for “+ Add Time” has been added below the Activity field
• The drop down member picker list has been moved to the top of the time tracking window
• The Timesheet Note text area can now be resized by dragging the bottom border down to expand the window.

CHANGED: The timer icon is once again animated to indicate when it is running.


NEW: A blue header has been added.

CHANGED: The person picker has moved up into the header.

REMOVED: The My Tasks Only/My Checklist Items Only picker has been removed. The Calendar now shows both My Tasks and My Checklist items together.


NEW: A blue header has been added.

CHANGED: The person picker has moved up into the header.

CHANGED: The date filter moved from the center to the left-hand side of the page.


FIXED: The prefix [LP] has been added back to the subject line of LP notification emails.

FIXED: After closing the stand-alone edit panel, the page should no longer become unresponsive for some users.


Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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