Release 59

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Release Date: October 24, 2015

This release was primarily technical in nature and focused largely on behind-the-scenes infrastructure work and bug fixes. Items of note are below.


NEW:  Added support for attaching Box, DropBox and GoogleDrive document links.

NEW:  Added flag on /api/workspaces/#/upcoming_tasks called :is_related. A treeitem is related if you don’t own it but you do have a checklist item on it.


CHANGED: Clicking on the LiquidPlanner logo in the upper left corner of the workspace now directs to the Home tab.

CHANGED: There is a maximum limit of 100 active (running and paused) timers per person per workspace.

CHANGED: Unlocking a timesheet also automatically re-opens the timesheet.

FIXED: When an item is placed within multiple containers with different deadlines, the item will inherit the soonest deadline date. When an item is placed within multiple containers with different delay until dates, the item will inherit the latest delay until date.

FIXED: The Default Activity will no longer be set automatically by the first person to track time to a task.

FIXED: Disabling (unsharing) an activity from a project now clears the Expected Activity from all project contents and replaces Default Activity to “None.”

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