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Release 60

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Release Date: November 21, 2015

This release is largely focused around exciting new updates to Dashboards. We’re releasing a brand new Projects View widget making it easier to display the project plan and schedule bars on dashboards and share project status with dashboard guests or external stakeholders.  Dashboards also has new functionality in the ability to open the edit panel directly from the Dashboards tab. This means it’s easier to update plan items without needing to navigate to another tab in the workspace. The release also includes a few small updates, an addition to the API and several bug fixes.


NEW: ‘Projects View’ is a new dashboard widget that displays a real-time view of the project plan and shows the schedule bars for items found on the Projects tab.  The widget has the same filtering options available on the Projects tab and includes options to show up to six columns and varying level of detail in the plan depth. View the Dashboards Gallery help guide for a closer look at this new widget.

Projects View Widget more dash

NEW: The Stand Alone Edit Panel can now be opened from Dashboards. This allows for the ability to update plan items directly from within Dashboards. The Stand Alone Edit Panel will not be visible to Dashboard Guests or to Restricted Members who do not have permissions to view the item.

NEW: The Description field in Dashboard widgets now has some added HTML formatting for line breaks making descriptions more visually appealing.

CHANGED: In the Task Owner filter of an Upcoming Tasks widget, the checkbox indicating to “include checklist items [+]” has been removed.




  • Fixed an issue with the Remaining [E] metric populated in baseline view
  • Fixed a problem with tracking time on the edit panel and using the tab key to get to the Save button from the Timesheet Note
  • Fixed an issue with logging out and back in redirecting user to a different workspace than the one most recently accessed
  • Fixed an issue with converting to-do items to tasks when using IE browser
  • Fixed a problem with the intake widget cutting off content that is too tall
  • Fixed an issue with an error resulting from creating tasks via the intake widget
  • Fixed a problem using the browser print option in Timesheets

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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