Release 62

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Release Date: January 16, 2016

This release includes a design update to sign-in screens, popovers and menu pickers all over the app as well as the return of an additional filtering option on the Home tab. In addition to several bug fixes, this release also focused on internal infrastructure improvements including a change to LiquidPlanner’s email service provider.


Returning filtering functionality to the My Comments section with the ability to view All Comments or only Comments To Me or Comments From Me.

My Comments filter on Home tab


LiquidPlanner has changed to a new email service provider as part of infrastructure improvements. To ensure there is no interruption in delivery of email notifications from your LiquidPlanner workspace to members of your team, we advise taking the following two actions:

  1. Ask your IT or email administrator to whitelist the domain on your mail server.
  2. Request that each member of your team add to their address book or safe senders list.


  • All sign-in screens have been re-skinned with a new design
  • Pop overs and menu pickers everywhere have updated styling with a brighter and more user-friendly design
  • Terms of Service Agreement checkboxes have been added to sign up and payment screens


  • The CSV file exported from the People tab, using the Download Member List option now has an additional column for member ID, titled “LP ID”


  • Due to an infrastructure change, when uploading files to plan items, any spaces in the file name will be replaced with underscores. There is no actual change to the document, however if the document is downloaded from LiquidPlanner, it will have a different file name than when originally uploaded.


  • Fixed an alignment issue with printing timesheets
  • Fixed an issue in Card View with alerts not displaying when re-prioritizing an item results in the item changing containers
  • Fixed an issue with using the Enter key when editing a Daily Limit
  • Fixed a layout issue with the Activity and Timesheet Note fields in the Track Time window of the edit panel
  • Fixed a layout issue with the task name in the Track Time window of the Timer capsule
  • Fixed API and Webhook comment returns so they now include space_id
  • Fixed an issue with timer data returned via the API on multiple owner tasks
  • Fixed an issue with Critical Path usage impacting workspace rescheduling
  • Fixed an issue with how the “To” address displayed in comments emailed into the workspace
  • Fixed an issue with how some icons displayed on iOS devices
  • Fixed an issue with generating a PDF of an Analytics Baseline report when on hold items are included and the on hold column is exposed

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