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Release 65

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Release Date: April 9, 2016

This release brings a number of new features and updated functionality to your workspace. Highlights include a new and simpler way to create dashboards using pre-built dashboards, a new way to collaborate using Project Teams, an updated Edit Panel and a new deadline filtering option. This release also includes several bug fixes as well as some wrap up work from our recent transition to hosting our application on Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers.


CHANGED: ‘+ Add Dashboard’ terminology has been changed to ‘+ Create Dashboard.’

NEW: Dashboards are now easier and faster to create with pre-built dashboards. These pre-built dashboards come with a default set of widgets making it possible to create meaningful dashboards in just a few clicks. There are three new types of pre-built dashboards:

  • Project: A Project Dashboard is associated to a single project in the workspace and displays key metrics for that project. In the Edit Panel, a new link to View Project Dashboard will also be visible to members of the Project Team (also new!) that will link directly to the associated Project Dashboard.
  • Portfolio: A Portfolio Dashboard displays metrics from multiple projects or containers, allowing for the ability to hand-pick a specific portfolio to share with a Client or Department.
  • Team: A Team Dashboard displays information about what team(s) or individual(s) are working on and the status of their work.

NEW: On the ‘All Dashboards’ view, there’s a new ‘Type’ column to indicate whether a dashboard is a Project, Portfolio, Team or Custom dashboard.

Learn more about pre-built dashboards in our Dashboards help article.

dashboard templates options


NEW: Project Teams provide visibility into who is working on a specific project and allow for new ways of communicating in the workspace. A Project Team can be viewed in the Edit Panel of the project and is automatically comprised of workspace members assigned to items within that project. Members without assigned items in the project may also be manually added to a Project Team. A Project Team can be given an @alias name and used for workspace commenting. Direct a comment to the Project Team @alias to send a comment to all members of the Project Team.

Project teams in edit panel


NEW: The Edit Panel has new styling, jump link updates, a new section, and changes in the location of a few buttons:

  • A new section has been added to the Edit Panel called Project Team. It is between the Planning and Comments sections
  • A new jump link has been added for Project Team section
  • A new jump link has been added for the Links section
  • The jump link icon representing Dependencies has been changed
  • The Follow button has changed to an icon
  • The Get Link and Get E-Mail Address buttons have been consolidated under a single new Share Links & Email icon displayed in the Edit Panel header
new edit panel updates


NEW: The status filter has been updated with two new pre-built status filter options:

  • Deadline at Risk – filters to items that are flagged due to being at risk of missing their deadlines
  • Deadline not at Risk – filters to items that are on track and not at risk of missing their deadlines

NEW: A new rule for is late has also been added as an option in the custom status filter. This enables using the new Deadline at Risk and Deadline not at Risk filters in a custom status filter where it can be combined with additional rules.

NEW: The checkbox to use a Dashboard’s Common Filter has been added to the Configure window of a Projects View widget.


NEW: A new timezone has been added for Cancún, Mexico.

CHANGED: We have changed terminology for what we previously called ‘Portfolio Mode’ and now refer to it as ‘Client View.’


NEW: Three different member fields have been added to the API as follows:

  • created_at (as a full UTC date)
  • daily_availability (as an array of hours that always begins on Sunday)
  • overdrive_scheduling (is true/false)


  • Fixed a text formatting issue in portal guest email notifications in some email clients
  • Fixed an issue with how Project and Client names displayed upon hovering over an item in My Calendar
  • Fixed an issue with how the custom status filter rule for expected remaining rounded values in workspaces with unit set to days
  • Fixed an error that occurred when clicking links for logged time in the edit panel history section
  • Fixed an issue with how the a column title for Remaining [E] was displaying in a PDF Schedule Snapshot
  • Fixed an issue with “No Project” displaying in Analytics reports outside of the filtering criteria when $Delta Contract vs Bill or $Delta Contract vs Pay were included as columns
  • Fixed an error that occurred in SSO-enabled workspaces when a new user logged in for the first time
  • Fixed an issue that prevented removing tags containing special characters
  • Fixed an issue with how some team pay rules were exported by adding a team rule as an exported column


Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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