Release 68

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Release Date: July 9, 2016

This release brings some exciting updates and new functionality that increase visibility into resource workload and improve the way resources are managed and allocated in LiquidPlanner. We’re releasing a brand new feature, the Resource Workload report, which enables managers to quickly see what teams or individuals are working on across all projects over time. The existing Project Workload report has been redesigned to better show team utilization and risk within a specific project or group of projects. This release also includes a redesign of the Projects tab, two column title changes and a few minor updates/bug fixes.


NEW: The Resource Workload report is located on the People tab and shows what teams or individuals are working on, when they’re working on it and how much work they have over time. The report provides great insight for managers as to who might be at risk, who has the capacity to take on more work, and how to better forecast resourcing demands.

Learn more about this new feature in the Resource Workload article.

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CHANGED: The existing Project Workload report has been redesigned. The new layout and functionality improve visibility into how resources are allocated within a single project or across a group of projects. Biggest highlights: ability to open the edit panel from within the report so edits can be made without changing views and the ability to multi-select plan items so Project Workload can be run on any combination of items.

Learn more about this updated report in the Project Workload article.

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CHANGED: Navigation has changed on the Projects tab to improve users’ ability to discover and access reports and viewing options. Nothing has been removed, just relabeled or moved as follows:

Projects tab - release notesCHANGED: Schedule bar popups for events and milestones have been updated and information not applicable for the item type has been removed.



  • Hours Unscheduled is now Hours Available – this column calculation tells you the excess hours that a resource has within a given date range to take on additional work
  • Hours Available is now Total Availability – this is the number of working hours that a resource has within a given date range, according to their profile Availability

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above name changes affect the title of these columns in Dashboards, all Analytics reports and exports. Any reports built outside of LiquidPlanner using an Analytics export, with one or both of these columns, will need to be updated to match the new column titles.


REMOVED: Internet Explorer 9. Anyone trying to access LiquidPlanner using IE9 will need to upgrade to a newer version of Internet Explorer or use a different modern browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.


CHANGED: Profile photo dimensions have been changed to a standard square shape. Please note this may cause some existing profile photos to be cropped or stretched automatically.


Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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