Release 69 - LiquidPlanner

Release 69

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Release Date: August 13, 2016


NEW: The Small Team edition is a new LiquidPlanner tier of service targeted towards teams of 1-5 members. For more information about this new offering and to compare plan features click here.

REMOVED: With the addition of the Small Team edition, the Standard tier of service will no longer be available for purchase. For those customers with a Standard subscription, there are no changes and all features and functionality remain the same. However, if a Standard customer chooses to upgrade to Professional or Enterprise, there is no path to downgrade back to Standard.


NEW: An “Add Work” button has been added to the Resource Workload report. See the new button when hovering over a member’s name. Click “Add Work” to bring up a location picker in order to select an existing task and quickly add that resource (member) as an additional owner to that task.

CHANGED: When filtered to No Team, the Resource Workload report now lists the individual members who have no team association.

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CHANGED: Previously, clicking on a member’s user name or profile picture (avatar) in the Comments, for example on the Edit Panel or the the Home Tab, redirected to the My Work tab for that particular member. Now, when clicking on a user name or profile picture, it opens a small pop-up with that person’s name, team, availability and workload in the next 14 days, showing essential information about that person at a glance. The new pop-up includes “Task List” and “Workload” links. “Task List” jumps to that person’s upcoming tasks on My Work tab and “Workload” jumps to the Resource Workload report filtered to the person and their team.

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CHANGED: If a Virtual Member has been converted to a Real Member, and if that Virtual Member had tracked time, it was impossible to navigate to that Virtual Member’s timesheet and edit any entries. We are now surfacing former Virtual Member’s timesheets in Timesheet Review in the event that something needs to be changed or deleted.


FIXED: Some tasks were not showing on the timesheet as expected due to the limit of 100 active tasks. While the limit remains, the tasks are now correctly ordered by priority.

CHANGED: The Upgrade Product page now includes a brief listing of features for each tier available for upgrade.

CHANGED: On the Support page of our website, the “Share feedback” and “File a bug report” forms have been replaced with a link that redirects you to the Help tab in your workspace. The bug and feedback forms on the Help tab have fewer fields, making it quicker and easier for you to let us know what’s going on. And since you’ll be signed in to LiquidPlanner, we’ll have important account information embedded in your request and be able to assist you even faster than before!


  • All Billing and Purchasing pages have been re-skinned with a new design.
  • The Help tab has a new design and images.


Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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