Release 70

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Release Date: September 10, 2016



NEW:  If you have the Deadline column selected on the My Work tab, you will now see both the task’s deadline and an inherited deadline from the parent container, if applicable. However, if a task has a deadline set and it is earlier than the parent’s deadline, we will only display the task’s deadline to keep you focused on what matters most.




NEW:  Search capability has been added to the Saved tab in the Person Filter found on the Projects and Analytics tabs and in Dashboard widgets.



CHANGED: When using the Project Filter on Timesheet Export, the Show done items checkbox is now sticky. It will remain checked after you close and re-open the filter window.


FIXED: You can now successfully update your password when navigating from the Resource Workload report to the User Menu > My Profile page.

FIXED: The “Select All” option has been added back to Add/Remove People selector for both Partial Day Events and Milestones.

FIXED: Issue with selection changing in the Project and Client filters on Timesheet Export page upon re-open.

FIXED: Adding tasks via the Add Items menu (+ icon on the Projects tab) now reliably opens the Add Task dialog box.

FIXED: The number of Items in trash shown on the Workspace Summary page in Settings now correctly reflects the number of items in the trash.

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