Release 71

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Release Date: October 15, 2016

This release is packed with improvements! Highlights include a re-designed People Tab, a new Focus Filter on the Projects tab, and updated filter picker menus.  Along with these notable items, there are many small changes and bug fixes.


People-centric functions are now consolidated on the People tab, which has been given an updated look and improved functionality. Sub-navigation on this page now has three tabs: Member List, Resource Workload and Invite Members.


  • NEW: Search bar where you can search for data in any column of the Member List data.
  • NEW: Filter, to allow quick display of specific Teams and include or exclude Virtual and Disconnected members.
Member List
  • CHANGED: Column width automatically re-sizes to accommodate the data.
  • CHANGED: The Status column has been removed from both the UI and Downloaded Member List.
  • CHANGED: Disconnected status is now reflected under Member Type and Access Level columns.
  • CHANGED: External ID column has been removed from the UI but remains in the Downloaded Member List.
  • CHANGED: If a workspace doesn’t have enough seat licenses for all members, those without a license and who cannot access the workspace, will show as “Unpaid” in the Member Type column.
  • CHANGED: Clicking on a Member’s name or profile picture redirects to the Member’s Profile Settings page (formerly Edit Profile link) instead of the My Work tab for that member.
  • CHANGED: The Delete action for Virtual members has been replaced with Disconnect.
  • CHANGED: Team, Availability and Access Level can no longer be changed in-line. Must now drill into the member’s profile.


  • NEW: Invite Members menu option has been added to the People tab. (Same functionality as clicking the Add+ button and then selecting Add Member.)
  • CHANGED: The default Subject and Body of the invitation email have been updated.
  • CHANGED: Access Level descriptions have been updated.


The My Profile / Member Settings, Member Access and My Notifications pages have been consolidated. After clicking your own name or a member’s name, or profile picture, you’ll now see: Profile, Access Controls and Notifications. (Note that the Notifications tab is only visible on your own profile page.) In addition to the selected member, this page now displays the complete searchable/filterable Member List on the left.

  • NEW: Actions drop-down menu. Depending on the Member type and your access level, you will see some or all of the following Actions for other members: Transfer Items, Disconnect, Resend Invitation, Retract Invitation.
  • NEW: On the Notifications page, in the Followed Items section, there is a “Followed On” column.
  • NEW: Search Followed Items by Name or Followed On date.
  • CHANGED: The Terminate User button has been replaced with Delete My User Account option under Actions Menu.
  • CHANGED: “Date format” changed to “Date locale”.
  • CHANGED: “Allow changing priority via drag-and-drop or the package/project field” changed to “Can move and reprioritize tasks”. (Functionality is the same.)


  • CHANGED: Co-Owners are now called Administrators. (Privileges remain the same.)


NEW: FOCUS FILTER. With three options, team members can quickly and easily see the information they need.

  • All Projects: displays everything in the workspace (assuming no other filters are also set)
  • My Projects: shows only the projects and packages you are a part of
  • My Tasks: only your assigned work
  • Set a default Focus Filter. Click the star to the right of the preferred option. The default you set is the view you’ll return to when using Reset View or Clear All Filters.
  • CHANGED: The “Filter to my items” filter (person icon) on the Projects tab has been replaced by the “My Tasks” option in the new Focus Filter (with no change in functionality).

FILTER DIALOG BOXES for all filters have an updated design and some additional/changed functionality.

  • CHANGED: The Saved filter list for Person, Location, Package, Project, Client, Tag, Custom Field and Status Filters have been moved to a separate “Saved” tab where you can now use the Search bar to look for your Saved filters.

Filter functionality tips:

  • In multi-select lists, selected options now appear in capsules in the search bar, in addition to checkboxes to make it easier to see your selections and remove them if needed.
  • Pressing the Enter key on your keyboard will select or unselect the highlighted item in the filter. It will not close the filter dialog, allowing for multiple selections.
  • Highlighted items in the Filter dialogs can now be selected with a Tab key as well.
  • Clicking on the container name in the picker will now select that container.
  • Expanding/collapsing a container is done by clicking on the “plus” or “minus” icons.
  • “Show Done Items” check box is now under the “Options” drop-down menu.
  • “Strict Filtering” check box is now under Options drop-down menu.


  • SETTINGS: Add Member, Add Virtual Member, Member Access options now redirect to the People tab.
  • SETTINGS: My Profile and Notifications links now redirect to the People Tab.
  • SETTINGS: Member Settings option has been removed.
  • USER MENU: My Profile and Notifications links now redirect to the People Tab.


PROJECT ACCESS page has been redesigned.

  • NEW: Search and sort members by any data column.
  • NEW: Filter by access level.
  • CHANGED: Virtual members have been removed from Projects Access page.

PORTAL CONTROL page has a new flow.

  • CHANGED: Select a project and “Enable portal” must happen first, then Portal guests can be invited and other changes to the Portal settings can be made.


  • NEW: A green “What’s New” button will appear after an upgrade.  It will be shown for a week for each member, unless dismissed sooner.
  • CHANGED: “Collapse All” and “Expand All” icons on the Projects tab have been replaced with new icons.
  • CHANGED: “Expand” and “Collapse” links in the filter dialogs have been replaced with new collapse/expand icons.
  • CHANGED: Restricted members will only see packages in the plan structure if they contain work for that member.
  • CHANGED: Restricted members will no longer be able to create packages.
  • CHANGED: The Sign In page and Free Trial form have been redesigned.
  • CHANGED: The “Move” option for the files in the Documents section of the Edit Panel has been removed.
  • FIXED: HTML formatting no longer showing when editing Notes Dashboard widget.
  • FIXED: Dashboard Intake form no longer closes unexpectedly for dashboard guests.
  • FIXED: Extra parameters are no longer appended to the Recipient URL in SSO configuration.


Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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