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Release 73

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Release Date: December 10, 2016

Our latest release delivers a better overall Edit Panel experience with a simplified layout, streamlined design and improved information architecture. The new design reduces noise and distractions to allow you to focus on the details that are important to you.  This release also includes a few new column options in reporting, in addition to several other small changes and bug fixes.


  • Layout, fonts and icons have been updated with a new, more unified design.
  • In the header of the Edit Panel, the plan item icons have been replaced with a done checkbox, and breadcrumbs have been added for location and client.
  • New Summary section shows important information at the top. For the following plan item types, the Summary section also shows:
    • Projects, Packages, and Sub-folders: Start[E] and Finish[E] Dates
    • Full Day Events: Start and End Dates
    • Partial Day Events: Date, Start and Finish Time, Recurrence
    • Milestones: Milestone Date
  • On the Task Edit Panel, Owners and Track Time options moved to the new People section, where you’ll also find an easily accessible link to view that item’s Estimate and Time Tracking history.
  • On the Project Edit Panel, the People section now has two options for displaying the project owner and the project team: Grid View and List View.
  • Owners on Full Day and Partial Day Events are now listed on separate assignment rows.
  • Package, Project, Client and Tags fields moved into the Planning section.
  • The Planning section now has expandable/collapsible subsections: Item Details, Custom Fields and Dependencies.
  • The Comment section has been combined with the History section and is now called Comments / History. This new section is like a timeline for the plan item, which helps get the full story and context about what’s happened. Choose from three options: Comments Only, History Only, or Comments + History.
  • The Documents section now has two options for displaying files: a Grid View or a List View.
  • Functionality to move documents between plan items has been added back on the Edit Panel.documents1
  • Expand/collapse section behavior has been removed along with the section header counts for Assignments, Dependencies, Checklist Items, Links, Documents and Comments.
  • Access Controls section has been removed from the Project Edit Panel. There is now a new cog icon (visible to Manager access level and above) in the panel header which provides links to Project Access and Portal Control pages.


  • NEW: Contract Value option has been added to Analytics Project Custom field reports and Dashboard Analytics Table Widget with Project Custom fields as a Row Type.
  • NEW: Enterprise level workspaces now have the following Expense calculation columns available in Analytics Project and Task Custom Field rollup reports: $Billable Expenses, $Non-Billable Expenses, $Total Expenses, $Total Billable Cost, $Total Non-Billable Cost, $Delta Contract vs Total Billable Cost, $Delta Contract vs Total Non-Billable Cost, $Delta Total Billable Cost vs Total Non-Billable Cost. The same columns are also available in Dashboard Analytics table widgets with Row type set to any Task or Project custom field. These metrics allow you to report on all Expenses for the tasks or projects where they are incurred, grouped by custom field values.


  • CHANGED: You can now edit a disconnected members’ team association.
  • FIXED: Current item’s location now expands in the item picker when adding a Dependency or Cross Reference link.
  • FIXED: Setting package_id via API no longer changes parent_id.
  • FIXED: Non-English characters are now displayed correctly in CSV files downloaded via Export Tasks to File, Export Billing and Pay Rules, and Download Member List options.
  • FIXED: Values on Total Trend report on Project Dashboards are now rounded instead of truncated.
  • FIXED: Select all option now respects filtering parameters in pickers.
  • FIXED: Wait Time no longer disappears when Dependencies are added or edited.
  • FIXED: Analytics reports menus now always show correct options.
  • FIXED: Collapsing/expanding the Dashboard side menu no longer results in blank side menu in Mac Chrome.
  • FIXED: Managers can now set project access for Restricted Members on Access Control tab within the Profile page.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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