Release 74

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Release Date: January 14, 2017

The first release of 2017 brings several exciting new features as well as improvements to existing functionality and multiple bug fixes. Among the new features is the Dashboard Archive, which allows for hiding old dashboards out of view and keeping currently used dashboards easier to find and manage. Analytics reports and Analytics Table widgets now have a Totals row that  automatically calculates the sum of values in columns with time and financial metrics, making it even quicker to report on key project data. Additionally, Enterprise customers are now able to utilize up to 25 custom project fields and 25 custom task fields to more accurately categorize and report on multiple facets of complex project portfolios.


  • CHANGED: Enterprise edition workspaces have more custom fields with up to 25 project fields and 25 task fields available.


  • NEW: Archive individual dashboards that no longer need to be referred to on a regular basis, without deleting them from your library. Once you archive a dashboard, it will be hidden by default when you view All Dashboards from the Dashboards tab. Archived dashboards do not automatically become unshared and can be unarchived at any time.
Archive Dashboards


  • NEW: Analytics reports and Dashboard Analytics Table widgets have a Totals row that automatically calculates totals under any columns that can be summed. Totals are reactive to selected filters and sum values from all data rows matching the filtering parameters, not only the data rows shown. The Totals row is always displayed in Analytics reports and can be optionally enabled via a checkbox in a Dashboard Analytics Table widget configuration window.


  • NEW: Add Work functionality on Resource Workload Report now includes Events and Milestones.
  • CHANGED: Email addresses are now displayed in the Member List.
  • CHANGED: Company name field will remain blank in Member Profile for invited workspace members, unless specified by the member.
  • FIXED: In the Resource Workload report, a resource’s tasks in nested sub-folders will be included when sub-folder is selected.


  • NEW: A text editor has been added to the Notes field of Intake Form widgets on a dashboard.
  • FIXED: The Intake Form widget now points to the correct location when a dashboard is created via duplicating the project template on the Projects tab.
  • FIXED: Creating a new project via an Intake Form widget that uses an existing project as a template will also duplicate the project dashboard for the newly created project.


  • FIXED: It is now possible to reassign projects to “Unassigned”.
  • FIXED: Graphics are rendered correctly when printing the edit panel.
  • FIXED: The gear icon in the project edit panel that links to Project Access settings is once again visible to Full Members.
  • FIXED: Duplicated comments are displayed on duplicated items.


  • CHANGED: Administrators will no longer be automatically promoted to the Workspace Owner after updating payment settings or purchasing seats.
  • CHANGED: On the Projects tab, items with files attached in the Documents section are now marked with a paperclip icon (rather than paper icon) that displays to the left of that item in the project plan. 
  • FIXED: On the Projects tab, clicking on the comment icon to the left of a plan item opens the edit panel and scrolls directly to the Comments/History section for that item.
  • FIXED: Cursor correctly lands in search field of person picker window when reassigning a task via the edit panel from the workspace Search page.
  • FIXED: The column width in Analytics reports can now be adjusted.
  • FIXED: The “Created On” date appears correctly for users in all time zones.
  • FIXED: Pressing Enter multiple times, or holding the Enter key, when saving a time entry no longer results in duplicate time logged.
  • FIXED: Last Activity column name is changed to Last Access in Member List Export.
  • FIXED: API request with invalid assignment ID or person ID now correctly generates a 404 error.

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