Release 75

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Release Date: February 11, 2017

Release 75 makes all your existing Analytics reports accessible via API. This enhancement will allow you to more easily integrate with additional tools outside LiquidPlanner for a deeper analysis of your project data. Another notable change is the improvements we made to the interface for creating and managing Custom Fields.


  • It is now possible to extract the same information that is available in the Analytics UI via LiquidPlanner API.
  • “Link to fetch from API” option for the API URL has been added to the Actions dropdown on the Report Library page.
Link to fetch from API
  • The following three read-only actions are supported:
    • /reports will list all Analytics reports in the workspace with their properties.
    • /reports/id will return the same information for a specific report.
    • /reports/id/data will run the Analytics report and return its content.
  • The report’s Date filter can be overridden with optional start_date & end_date parameters.




  • NEW: Individual owners from events residing inside a project and assigned to Team or “everyone” now get added to the Project Team.


  • CHANGED: “What’s New” announcement now opens up on the Home tab when logging in following a release. After dismissal, the “What’s New” information can be retrieved by clicking on a white bell icon on the top navigation bar.
  • CHANGED: “Locked” option in the Status filter on Export Timesheets page has been changed to “Approved & Locked” for consistency.
  • CHANGED: Animated GIF images no longer display thumbnails in the Documents section of the Edit Panel.


  • FIXED: When an existing Custom Status Filter is being edited, the selected “all” or “any” option is again highlighted.
  • FIXED: Team filter on Member List page now returns exact match only.
  • FIXED: Description text is now always fully visible when printing Edit Panel.
  • FIXED: Edit panel now scrolls back to the top upon second click on the section shortcut in Firefox and IE.
  • FIXED: Horizontal scroll bar has been added to All Dashboards page.
  • FIXED: API request to unassign using update_assignment endpoint no longer returns a 404 error.

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