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Release 77

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Release Date: April 8, 2017

The April release fulfills two extremely popular feature requests: Text Custom Fields and reporting options for Sub-folders. The new Text Custom Field format allows team members to add a free-text entry for specific task or project fields right in the Edit Panel – no need to have them pre-populated ahead of time! Sub-folder reporting options will provide insights and visibility into smaller portions of a project represented by sub-folders.

Other small yet delightful updates in this release will help you identify the right data in your reports more easily. These enhancements include new search functionality in column picker dialogs, better labels for Person and Status filters in Analytics and Dashboards and a Totals row in PDF downloads of Analytics reports.


  • The Custom Field settings page now has a “type” selection. Administrators can choose between Pick List (existing dropdown functionality) or Text (new functionality) when they create a new custom field.
  • Any workspace member can enter, edit or delete values for text custom fields on the Edit Panel of any plan items they have access to.
  • Text fields content can be modified in-line on the My Work tab.
  • Text field entries are visible in columns, exports, and reports (similar to the Reference field).


  • In Analytics, there is now an option for Sub-Folder Report. When the roll-up report is first run, it will show “top-level” sub-folders only. Click on a specific sub-folder to drill down and report on the next level of sub-folders and/or tasks in the project hierarchy.
  • In Dashboards, you’ll find a couple of new ways to surface sub-folder information:
    1. Pre-built Sub-Folder Dashboards (similar functionality as Project Dashboards).
    2. Individual widgets that surface sub-folder data. Specifically, table widgets and donut charts will now have “Sub-Folder” as an option for row type or ring emphasis.


  • NEW: A Search field has been added to Customize Columns window.


  • NEW: A Search field has been added to the Customize Columns dialog in Analytics Reports.
  • NEW: The Totals row is now included in PDF downloads of Analytics reports.
  • NEW: Person and Status filters are now clearly labeled as referring to either a task or a project in Analytics and Dashboards.



  • FIXED: Timesheet Notes no longer get cleared on Save if no activity selected.
  • FIXED: It’s now possible to set a custom field with spaces in the field name or value when creating a new item via Email Integration or from the Add Menu.
  • FIXED: The workspace email address found on the Email Integration page in Settings now populates correctly in your email client.
  • FIXED: The Share link is now correct when generated from the Edit Panel opened from the Project Workload Report.
  • FIXED: Team association now shows for disconnected virtual members in Analytics.
  • FIXED: All assignments, including unassigned, can no longer be removed from events.
  • FIXED: A selected Saved People filter no longer loses highlighting.


  • 4/10/2017 – Baseline reports are no longer intermittently slow to load.
  • 4/14/2017 – Wrong time tracking dialogs no longer open and tracked time no longer shows as “undefined” on Timesheet page.
  • 4/18/2017 – Schedule Updating no longer intermittently gets stuck.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email (—we’re always happy to hear from you!