Release 78

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Release Date: May 6, 2017

Our May release contains the following Custom Fields enhancements: search and filtering support for Text Custom Fields, color indicators on Pick List Custom Fields, and the introduction of Date custom fields. API users will find several improvements in timesheet management via API and several other areas.


To display the Custom Field colors on a Dashboard Donut widget chart, set the Ring Emphasis to your color-coded custom field and select the Default Color Palette.


  • NEW: On the Custom Fields Settings page, Administrators can now select Date as a type when creating a new custom field. When members set or update a Date custom field, they can pick the date from the calendar pop-up. Date field entries are visible in columns, exports, and reports.
  • NEW: The Custom Status filter now has options for Text and Date custom fields.
    If a custom field used in a saved Status Filter gets deleted, you will see a warning that the rule is invalid.
  • NEW: Text Custom Fields are now one of the available Search options.


  • NEW: Submitting and approving timesheets via API is now officially supported and follows the same restrictions as in the UI: any member can submit their timesheet but only workspace members with access level of Manager or above can approve & lock, unlock and re-open another member’s timesheet.
  • NEW: Members requests now have an option to include disconnected members.
  • NEW:  Projects and Tasks can now be filtered by Text and Date Custom Fields via API.
  • FIXED: Timesheet Entries requests no longer return timesheet entries on deleted items.
  • FIXED: API requests for Analytics report data now return all rows regardless of the limit set in the UI.
  • FIXED: Webhooks now send changes data when a custom field value is set or changed.


  • CHANGED: Send Email Link on the Edit Panel now supports browser right-click menu.
  • CHANGED: As of May 1, 2017, Massachusetts customers are subject to sales tax on all new purchases and recurring charges.


  • FIXED: Dashboard Intake Widget now correctly pre-populates Custom Field Values from Template.
  • FIXED: Tags filter now includes the “Show Done Tags” option.
  • FIXED: Selected done items are now visible in the Analytics filter after re-opening.
  • FIXED: Loading Card View after deletion of custom fields no longer causes an error.
  • FIXED: Clearing All Filters in Analytics reports now persists after saving.
  • FIXED: Only correct items are displayed when drilling in on No Value row in custom field roll-up reports.
  • FIXED: Email notifications now get sent when Custom Field values are cleared.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email (—we’re always happy to hear from you!