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Release 79

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Release Date: June 10, 2017

Release 79 introduces two new types of Custom Fields: Number and Currency fields. Now you can maintain consistent formatting and record any aspect of your business, like expected revenue or request counts. The implementation of these custom field types will allow you to gain a better understanding of your data by analyzing it in Reports and visualizing it on your Dashboards.

Our June release is also full of other improvements, clarifications, and fixes which will benefit a variety of LiquidPlanner users, from workspace owners to API developers


  • NEW: We’ve updated our status page to include scheduled maintenance and incident communication as well as historic, and real-time data on system performance. Access from the Site Status link on your Help tab or the support center on our website. We keep a careful eye on all systems and will update that page to keep you informed. You can also subscribe to receive updates in real time.


  • NEW: Numeric and Currency custom fields. Workspace administrators now have options for numeric and currency custom fields in Settings. By default, the data in those fields is set to roll-up to a sum in reporting:
  • NEW: Custom Fields with rollups are now available as Metrics in Dashboard Donut Charts.
  • CHANGED: Custom fields with no values set now appear in grey color on the Edit Panel.


  • NEW: When creating a new Project or Sub-folder Dashboard, the projects and sub-folders whose dashboards already exist are now visible but grayed out and not selectable.
  • NEW: Active and done owners are now visually differentiated on Dashboards and in Analytics reports. The owners whose assignments are done appear grayed out, in brackets, as they do on the Projects tab.
  • NEW: Project ID is now available as a column option for Analytics Rollup report.
  • CHANGED: Date Range Filter now displays a clarification that it focuses on Hrs Logged & Hours Remaining and a link to Custom Status Filter, should you need to report on other metrics.


  • NEW: Downloadable Invoice and Receipt Copies are now available to Workspace Administrators in Settings.
  • CHANGED: “Free seats” have been renamed “complimentary seats”.
  • CHANGED: Improved readability and clarity of Billing and Purchasing pages.


  • NEW: API filters “is_set” and “is_not_set” for Pick List Custom fields.
  • FIXED: Clearing a custom field now creates a webhook notification.
  • FIXED: Corrected error message for invalid custom field ID when filtering for custom field ID via the API.


  • CHANGED: The wording on the login page has been updated to clarify that signing up for a new account or requesting a confirmation email are meant for trial users only.
  • CHANGED: When a milestone or event has a dependency with wait time, after the end date of that milestone or event has passed, the dependent task’s History will show that the System set the Delay Until date on the task.


  • FIXED: Changes to Custom Fields values are now reflected by the Updated On and Updated By fields.
  • FIXED: Custom Field color no longer displays as HTML in a dialog box when adding a task in Card View.
  • FIXED: Duplicating several packaged tasks no longer causes an error.
  • FIXED: “Unknown” activity on a timesheet entry can now be updated.
  • FIXED: Hrs logged for a real member no longer appear as logged for disconnected member with the same name in Analytics reports.
  • FIXED: Virtual members no longer remain in the system after their roles are filled by real members.
  • FIXED: Portal Control page now loads faster.
  • FIXED: Can now add multiple tasks from the “no value” lane in Card View.
  • FIXED: Deleting an item on a Critical Path no longer causes an error.
  • FIXED: The “>” and “<” operators are now displayed without an extra line in Custom Status Filter rules.


  • 6/13/17: Analytics reports saved as PDF are no longer losing ” .0 ” from hourly data values.
  • 6/13/17: Reports are now displaying data correctly in legacy workspaces with disallowed characters in member names.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email (—we’re always happy to hear from you!