Release 80

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Release Date: July 8, 2017

Release 80 presents a new and easy way to allocate resources to multiple projects. The new Daily Limits on Projects feature allows you to set a maximum number of hours per day for each Project Team member to dedicate to each of their projects.

As always, we’ve included a number of incremental improvements and fixes aimed to make using LiquidPlanner a better experience. For example, we added the ability to adjust the width of the columns on Dashboard widgets and further improved the Billing pages in Settings to make them easier to read and understand.


  • A Daily Limit can now be added not only on tasks but also at the project level.
  • Set the Project Daily Limit for each member in the project’s Edit Panel in the People section.
  • The Daily Limit column can be surfaced on the Projects tab and My Work.
  • On the Projects Tab, My Work and Timesheets, the blue Daily Limit icons indicate plan items on which a Daily Limit is set directly. The gray icons on tasks indicate where a Daily Limit is inherited from the project.


  • NEW: Project Team section of the Edit Panel now displays Start[E] and Finish [E] for each member rolled up from the tasks owned by the member inside the project. The new Daily Limit column is where the Project Daily Limit for each member is set and displayed.
  • CHANGED: The option to switch to Grid View has been removed.
  • CHANGED: Adding a Full Day Event with an assignment to “Everyone” to the project now adds a single “Everyone” assignment to the Project Team instead of adding every real member of the workspace separately.


  • NEW: Table columns are now resizable in Dashboard Analytics Table widget and Projects View widget.
  • NEW: Upcoming Tasks Dashboard widget now has options for Custom Fields.


  • NEW: Setting Project-level Daily Limits for members is supported via API.
  • NEW: Custom Fields can now be filtered via API by custom field name in addition to custom field ID.
  • NEW: Pick List Custom Fields can now be filtered via API using value names in addition to value_ids.
  • FIXED: API no longer returns a negative number for low effort estimate on a task after tracking time greater than prior low effort estimate.


  • CHANGED: Billing and Purchasing pages in Settings have been further streamlined for better readability and clarity.
  • FIXED: Total trend widget on Project Dashboards now default to the Project location.
  • FIXED: No longer possible to track time with no activity on the Timesheets.
  • FIXED: When duplicating tasks from their packaged location, copies are now correctly created inside the package.
  • FIXED: Time from timer can now be used after a comment is started, and then deleted in the time entry pop-up.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email (—we’re always happy to hear from you!