Release 81

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Release Date: August 5, 2017

The August release delivers new inline editing functionality that makes it easier to update information in LiquidPlanner. With inline editing, managers can make quick adjustments to assignments and deadlines, while team members can easily update their estimates and more – all directly from the columns on the Projects tab.


All LiquidPlanner users can now edit certain fields directly inline on the Projects tab. Inline editing is also available for Projects View widgets in Dashboards. Just click into the field in one of the columns – no need to open the Edit Panel to make a quick update. The following fields are editable inline:


  • CHANGED: Email address corrections no longer offered when inviting new members.
  • CHANGED: Billing column has been removed from the Download Member List file.


  • NEW: PO number is now a required field in Payment Settings for Invoice payment method. If no PO is necessary, enter “None”. PO field now appears on Billing summary and when purchasing additional seats.
  • NEW: Workspace owners now get an in-app reminder a week prior to the annual renewal date.


  • CHANGED: Passing unsupported parameters when creating assignments on treeitems via API now generates an error. This change was reversed by a Hotfix on 08/07.


  • CHANGED: Contract Value limit has been increased to 99,999,999.


  • FIXED: Full Day Events that are scheduled in the past but have not been marked done no longer display any remaining effort.
  • FIXED: Exporting more than 500 projects or tasks no longer results in duplicated items in the file.
  • FIXED: Edit Dependencies/Dependents link from the schedule bars now jumps to the Dependencies section in the Edit Panel again.
  • FIXED: Explicit Daily Limit icon now appears on unestimated tasks on My Work.


  • 08/07/17: Deadline column on the Projects tab is no longer missing dates for events.
  • 08/07/17: Saving a Project, Location, Package or Client filter no longer throws an error.
  • 08/07/17: Creating treeitems with assignments via API no longer fails when encountering unexpected parameters.
  • 08/07/17: It is now possible to create events assigned to a Team via the API.
  • 08/08/17: Changing item name in the Edit Panel no longer overwrites the name of the next item selected in the grid.
  • 08/09/17: PDF Snapshot no longer fails when the daily limit column is included.
  • 08/09/17: Logged, Remaining Effort, Max Effort, Daily Limit columns now display without HTML tags in PDF Snapshot.
  • 08/16/17: Trend report no longer intermittently skips changes to Remaining Estimate and Hours Logged.

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