Release 82

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Release Date: September 9, 2017

The September update contains several bug fixes and a couple of improvements aimed at providing a better user experience in LiquidPlanner. Since the last release, we’ve been busy behind the scenes laying the foundation for new features and updates that we will be excited to share with you in the coming months.


  • NEW: URLs pasted or entered in the comments box now get automatically enabled as hyperlinks.
  • CHANGED: Dependencies Section on the Edit Panel is now always expanded when jumping to it from the Edit Dependencies/Dependents link on the schedule bars.


  • CHANGED: Declined credit card email is now sent to both workspace owner and billing contact, if different.


  • FIXED: Using the Tab key in the Remaining Effort pop-up on the Edit Panel no longer causes updates to be discarded.
  • FIXED: The Tab key works again in the Checklist section of the Edit Panel.
  • FIXED: When time logged today meets the Daily limit, the expected start date now gets updated correctly.
  • FIXED: PDF Schedule Snapshot no longer fails when Daily Limits column is included.
  • FIXED: Deleting a Team assigned to a done event no longer causes an error.
  • FIXED: Owner alerts are no longer displayed on events assigned to a team when team members get disconnected.
  • FIXED: Active Full Day Events scheduled in the past no longer occasionally display any partial remaining effort.
  • FIXED: Two-digit years in dates manually entered in the calendar pop-ups are now correctly interpreted as 2000s rather than 1900s.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email (—we’re always happy to hear from you!