Release 83 - LiquidPlanner

Release 83

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Release Date: October 7, 2017

The October release delivers new functionality that makes it easier to understand project risk in LiquidPlanner. We’ve added more intuitive alerts to help you understand the severity of a risk: yellow = slight risk, orange = moderate risk, red = high risk. Dependencies are now displayed with Expected Start and Finish dates, making it easier to identify which ones are driving a given item to create a traceable path through the schedule.

Additionally, The Workspace Summary now displays the usage of metered features such as Virtual Members, Real Members, and Custom Fields.


  • NEW: More variety in alert types make it easier to distinguish which plan items need immediate attention.

    Prior to R83, alerts displayed the same level of urgency as illustrated in the image on the left below. Following R83, new alert types make it easier to distinguish the severity and potential impact of an alert at a glance.

Before:                                                                               New in R83:

  • CHANGED: In Analytics CSV/PDF exports, we now export a textual description of the alert: High Risk, Slight Issue, Information, etc., instead of the name of the icon color.


  • NEW: Driving dates are now displayed in the Dependencies section of the Edit Panel and in the dependency icon pop-up on the schedule bars. Dependencies will be shown with their Expected Finish dates and Dependents will display their Expected Start dates.
  • CHANGED: Wait time will no longer be displayed in the dependents icon pop-up on the schedule bars. Tooltips to better describe this information are expected to be added in a future release.


  • CHANGED: Workspace Details on the Workspace Summary page is now expanded to include Teams Created, Estimates, Activities, Timesheet Entries, Tags, Saved Reports and Dashboard Guests. When Portals and Portal Guests are used, their counts will display as well. Metered features have more visibility so they will be easier to manage.


  • NEW: Resources that have Overdrive Scheduling enabled are identified on the Member List in the availability column.
  • NEW: It is now easier to add multiple Virtual Members.
  • NEW: When adding Virtual Members, you’ll see a count at the top of the page which shows the number being used, and the total number available in the workspace. (People Tab > Member List > Add Button)
  • NEW: A notification lets you know when your Virtual Member count is approaching the total number available.
  • NEW: Seat count and available licenses are provided on the Invite Members page for reference when inviting members.


  • FIXED: Documents uploaded to LiquidPlanner will now maintain the correct file extension when downloaded.
  • FIXED: Updates to Pay Rules will now make retroactive updates to relevant timesheet entries.
  • FIXED: Empty Webhooks are no longer sent when deleted tasks are purged.
  • FIXED: Tasks are no longer reassigned to “Unassigned” for Virtual Members that are deleted.
  • FIXED: In Card View, items can now be taken off-hold using the right-click menu.
  • FIXED: Sub-folders will no longer become unclickable when the Deadline column is removed in Sub-folder Analytics Roll-up reports
  • FIXED: Disconnected member names will now appear when editing a Daily Limit in-line.
  • FIXED: Extra characters such as spaces, tabs, and carriage returns will now be removed from certain titles, like item names and custom field names.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email (—we’re always happy to hear from you!