Release 84 - LiquidPlanner

Release 84

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Release Date: November 4, 2017

The November release features a new input form for creating items which makes it easier to add work into LiquidPlanner. We’ve also added a few updates to viewing and filtering dependencies that make it easier to understand what is impacting the schedule.


  • Add Menu input forms for Tasks, Events, Milestones, Projects, Sub-folders, Packages, Backlog Packages, and Clients have been redesigned. With a simple form, you’ll be able to easily add important information like task estimates, project deadlines, or event dates right from the get-go.
  • The Menu options for Partial and Full-Day events have been combined. The new form defaults to Partial-Day Event. Check the box to create a Full-Day Event instead.
  • You can still jump to the old version of the form with the link at the bottom.


  • NEW: Ready to Work Status Filter returns active items that are not dependent on another plan item. This filter excludes items on hold. An item is included in the filter if it has no dependencies or all dependencies are marked done.
  • NEW: Three new rules for building Custom Status Filters.
    • All dependencies satisfied
    • Has broken dependencies
    • Has dependents

  • NEW: Driving dates for dependencies now show as tooltips in the Edit Panel.
  • NEW: Driving dates are also shown as tooltips in the Dependency pop-up window. When a dependency has Wait Time, the number of days is displayed.


  • NEW: All required fields on the Payment Settings page are now marked with a red asterisk.
  • NEW: Card Number and CVV fields now have help text.
  • CHANGED: Company Information section of on Payment Settings becomes hidden when the “Same as Billing Information” box is checked


  • NEW: API Documentation has been moved to our new Developer Hub.
  • NEW: Three new boolean filters for filtering treeitems: all_dependencies_satisfied, has_broken_dependencies, and has_dependents.


  • NEW: Hitting the Enter key after starting a search in the Customize Columns menu now automatically selects the topmost result.
  • FIXED: Adding a new assignment no longer replaces an existing owner.
  • FIXED: The Edit Panel opened from a Dashboard now has rich text editor for Comments.
  • FIXED: Inherited Daily Limit now is displayed in the Daily Limit column on My Work tab.
  • FIXED: A remaining effort of 0h – 0h can now be set in the Edit Panel.
  • FIXED: Workspace Owners no longer get their email notifications subscriptions doubled after changing an email address.
  • FIXED: Imported tasks now get correct timezone based on the owner’s timezone.
  • FIXED: Negative values are no longer preceded by an apostrophe in Analytics Reports downloaded as CSV.
  • FIXED: It is now possible to reassign a project in the Edit Panel in Card View when multiple projects are selected.
  • FIXED: Closing the Edit panel with the ESC key no longer leaves a blank panel open.
  • FIXED: Inline edited item name now gets saved after a new row is selected in Internet Explorer.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email (—we’re always happy to hear from you!