Release 86 - LiquidPlanner

Release 86

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Release Date: January 13, 2018

The January release features a clarification on the Custom Field filter dialog, an update to the Add Menu form, a few bug fixes, and some behind the scenes work for future releases.


  • CHANGED: Clarified that the Custom Field filter only applies to Pick List Custom Fields. For other Custom Field types, use Custom Status filters.


  • CHANGED: The default preference for the old or new Add Menu form is now sticky (LiquidPlanner will remember your selection).


  • FIXED: The graph is now rendering correctly on Analytics reports that are downloaded as PDFs.
  • FIXED: The schedule no longer breaks if a daily limit on a task is greater than a daily limit on a project for a disconnected member.
  • FIXED: The performance for the My Projects filter was improved.
  • FIXED: It is now possible to estimate in weeks using the new Add Menu form.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email (—we’re always happy to hear from you!