Release 87 - LiquidPlanner

Release 87

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Release Date: February 10, 2018

This month’s release is all about making it faster and easier to track time using Timesheets in LiquidPlanner.

In addition, we’ve made minor updates to some of the in-app messaging and fixed two bugs regarding Filters.

Updates to our API can be found in the Developer Hub.


  • NEW: Auto-saving of time entries.
  • NEW: HH:MM format supported in Timesheets.
  • NEW: Items marked Not Grouped populate at the bottom of the timesheet when sorted by group.
  • CHANGED: Tasks that appear on your timesheet are now based on your assignment status and not the task status.
  • CHANGED: New items added to the timesheet from the Add+ button are not automatically pinned. Track time or pin tasks to keep them on the timesheet.
  • CHANGED: More intuitive placement of the Done checkbox for tasks.
  • CHANGED: Prominent placement of the Remaining Effort field.
  • CHANGED: Add Comment and Add Note boxes are combined under the Note link.
  • CHANGED: Hover over an item row to see the timer button.
  • REMOVED: Timesheet groups are no longer collapsible.


  • NEW: Pin to Timesheet function added to Right-Click Menu.
  • REMOVED: Start Timer function removed from Right-Click Menu.
  • REMOVED: Track Time function removed from Right-Click Menu.


  • FIXED: “Last estimated: never” custom status filter no longer returns tasks with estimates.
  • FIXED: Last Estimated rule in custom status filter now works for estimates made on current day, and no longer returns an empty result set.


  • NEW: API now has a method to edit and delete timesheet entries. See the changelog in the Developer Hub for more details.
  • CHANGED: Adding a timesheet note along with a time entry now creates a separate webhook notification.
  • CHANGED: ‘Restart’ parameter is no longer supported for timer commit.


  • CHANGED: If an email bounces back undeliverable, the message will offer a suggestion about what to do next.


  • FIXED: Import with time logged no longer fails when importing into a space with multiple activities. Mapping the following fields now works as expected:
    • CSV column Total Work Done
    • XML column Actual Work


  • NEW: When resetting a password from an expired password link, there is now an updated error message to inform you the link is no longer valid.
  • NEW: Clearer Payment Settings notifications quickly confirm whether or not a payment has successfully processed.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email (—we’re always happy to hear from you!