Salesforce App ver 2.3 (and ver 2.6, 2.8)

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Release version 2.8:  February 12, 2015

  • BUG FIX:  Maximum view state size limit exceeded error

Release version 2.6:  February 5, 2015

  • NEW:  The ability to Unlink a LiquidPlanner project from the Account or Opportunity. This does not delete the project in LiquidPlanner, it only removes the association in Salesforce.
  • NEW (BUG FIX):  Search capability when using Connect To Existing LiquidPlanner Project.  The addition of this feature was necessary to enable limiting the result set for customers with more than 1000 projects in their workspace.

Release version 2.3:  December 29, 2014

The updated integration between Salesforce (SF) and LiquidPlanner (LP) is more dynamic, with Salesforce polling LiquidPlanner to look for changes and updating records accordingly.  We’ve also added quite a bit more functionality in SF now, making this integration significantly more relevant and useful. Read on to learn more!

  • The Installed SF App will need to be UPDATED in order for the integration to continue working after January 10th.
  • There are two SF objects that will need to be REMOVED, after the update is complete, in order for the App to function properly.
  • The Opportunity layout will not need to be changed, but will look slightly different.
  • An Account Layout can be added, if desired – it won’t happen automatically with update.  Project data, from the Opportunities associated with the Account, will be visible as soon as the layout is added.
  • Find instructions to update HERE.


  • Opportunity AND Account layouts are available for install.  You can use one, or the other, or both.  (These are Visualforce pages.)   
Salesforce Account
  • Associate projects with both Opportunity and/or Account records.  (Previously only Opportunities.)
  • View projects created on Opportunities from the Account record.
Associate Existing LiquidPlanner Projects in Salesforce
  • Link a pre-existing LP project to a SF Account/Opportunity. This will be done from the Account or Opportunity record by clicking the “Connect to Existing LiquidPlanner Project” link (new button).
  • When a SF user clicks the button to “Connect to an Existing LiquidPlanner Project”, they will see ALL projects in LP. 
    IMPORTANT NOTE:  There is no ability to limit this as you would limit which projects Restricted members can see in the LP workspace.
Access Levels
  • SF will now display LP projects created from SF, as well as selected linked projects.
  • If a person using SF is NOT a member of a LP workspace, or if they happen to be a Restricted Member in a LP workspace, it’s important to know that they can see the names of all the LP projects, as well as some other info about those projects from SF.   There isn’t any way to enforce access level restrictions.
Multiple Projects for a single Account/Opportunity (and vice-versa)
  • Associate multiple LP projects to a single Account or Opportunity record in SF.
  • Associate a SF Account to one or more LP Projects without an Opportunity.
  • Associate multiple SF Accounts or Opportunities to a single LP project.
  • Projects and Milestones in SF will be hyperlinked.
  • Clicking the hyperlink in SF will take users directly to the Project or Milestone in LP (assuming the SF user has access in LP).
    • If the person clicking the link doesn’t have a seat in the workspace, they’ll be brought to a log in screen.
    • If the person using SF is a Restricted Member in LP and does not have access to that particular project, they will receive an error message.
  • Bug fix: Unassigned milestones in LP did not appear in SF.  Now they are visible even if unassigned.
  • Functionality change:  Milestones added from SF were unassigned by default.  This will stay the same if the Project Owner is unassigned.  If the Project Owner is assigned, milestones created will inherit the same owner.
  • Not new, but noteworthy:  When adding a new project from SF, the form only allows for the creation of five milestones.  However, if additional milestones are created in LP, they will be displayed in SF.
Delay Until
  • “Delay Until” is a new field on the “Create Project” form.  Previously this information was only displayed after the Delay Until date was entered on the project in LP.
Multiple Workspaces
  • Customers with multiple workspaces can now select a workspace when creating a new project from SF, without first changing SF credentials..
  • Customers with multiple workspaces can pull projects into SF from any workspace without changing SF credentials.
  • A workspace is selected on the LP Configuration page.  This workspace is used as the default when creating new projects, or pulling in projects, if no other workspace is selected.
Project Owner
  • The full list of LP members is immediately visible.  The step to click the magnifying glass to pull in the LP member list has been eliminated.
  • When creating a project in SF, the project owner will be “Unassigned” by default.  The SF user can select a LP member from the pick-list if desired or the owner can be set by a member of the LP workspace after the project has been created.
The “LiquidPlanner Projects” Tab
  • Updates:
    • It’s now obvious that all columns are now sortable by viewing the arrows adjacent to each header.
    • “Total Done” is now “Total Logged” (more clearly indicating hours/time tracked).
    • “Total Expected Hours” is now “Total Expected Effort”.
  • New columns:  Workspace, Opportunities
  • Hyperlinked columns:  Workspace and Project will jump you to LP.  Accounts (Clients) and Opportunities will drill through in SF to the record.

If you have not yet installed the Salesforce App integration, please click HERE for instructions.

If you installed the App prior to December 29, 2014 and need to update, please click HERE for instructions.

Questions about the release (or otherwise)? If so, please send us an email ( – we’re always happy to hear from you!

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