Getting Started

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1 | Crash Course

Get an overview of LiquidPlanner’s unique methodology and take a tour through a workspace.

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2 | Adding a Project

See how a project gets built in LiquidPlanner.

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3 | Scheduling Concepts

Create a realistic plan with prioritization, ranged estimates, and automatic resource leveling.

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4 | Scheduling Options

Use events, delays, dependencies, and deadlines to customize your project schedule.

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5 | Scheduling Multiple Projects

Packages help you prioritize work across all of your projects.

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6 | Daily Task Management

Use the My Work tab to view top priorities, to update tasks, and to get things done.

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7 | Collaboration Features

Add comments, attach documents, and never miss a beat with email integration.

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8 | Time Tracking Made Easy

Learn some quick and easy ways to track time in LiquidPlanner.

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