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What Is LiquidPlanner?

LiquidPlanner is an online project management software that everyone can use. Our tool lets you prioritize work so your team stays focused and moves the right work forward, making every person a valuable part of the process.

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1 | Crash Course

Get an overview of LiquidPlanner’s unique methodology and take a tour through a workspace.

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2 | Adding a Project

See how a project gets built in LiquidPlanner.

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3 | Scheduling Concepts

Create a realistic plan with prioritization, ranged estimates, and automatic resource leveling.

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4 | Scheduling Options

Use events, delays, dependencies, and deadlines to customize your project schedule.

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5 | Scheduling Multiple Projects

Packages help you prioritize work across all of your projects.

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6 | Daily Task Management

Use the My Work tab to view top priorities, to update tasks, and to get things done.

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7 | Collaboration Features

Add comments, attach documents, and never miss a beat with email integration.

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8 | Time Tracking Made Easy

Learn some quick and easy ways to track time in LiquidPlanner.

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Custom Fields

Use custom fields to capture unique plan attributes.

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Learn how tags can help categorize your projects and increase collaboration in your workspace.

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Contract Value

Add a fixed monetary value to a project or client.

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