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Monitoring Projects

Workload, status, trends, and baselines with one click.

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LiquidPlanner Analytics

Get deeper insights into your projects and resources with these powerful reports.

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Build dashboards to share dynamic project information and keep everyone on the same page.

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Card View

Learn how to use Card View and see industry examples.

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Estimating in Ranges

Keep your schedule accurate by entering ranged estimates.

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The Add Menu

Tips and tricks on adding items to your plan.

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The LiquidPlanner Schedule Bars

Learn about the dates and symbols you see around the schedule bars.

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Multiple Owners on Tasks

Learn how to assign multiple people to a single task.

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Set finish-to-start dependencies between plan items.

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Full-Day and Partial-Day Events

Learn how to add full-day and partial-day events to your plan.

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Setting a Daily Limit

Learn how to limit the number of hours per day allocated to a task.

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