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Task management is nothing new. People have been keeping track of their work for years. What’s new is how technology teams are leveraging task management software to work more efficiently, more globally and faster than ever before. Gone are the days of sticky notes, scribbles in the margins of presentation decks and hidden spreadsheets. These days, managing and prioritizing work is integrated into software that’s connected, collaborative and always up to date.

Predictive Schedules

Organization with Purpose

LiquidPlanner helps your team work on all the right work by helping you organize your entire portfolio of projects in one centralized location. You have instant insight into:

  • All the tasks that constitute each project
  • How tasks relate to each other
  • How your work affects strategic business goals
  • What your team is working on
  • How project activity is progressing


Connected Collaboration

Connected Collaboration

Collaboration is the backbone of the modern office, whether your team works together in the same building, across town or continents away. You need to stay connected. LiquidPlanner facilitates the process of sharing information and ideas by integrating commenting and other collaboration features directly into the platform. Conversations between team members are tied to work within tasks and projects. This means all your work —and all comments—has context. With this context comes deeper meaning—no matter where team members are located.

Dashboard portfolio

Visibility Across Teams

When you know exactly what your team is working on, you’re a better leader: You can anticipate changes more effectively, allocate work more efficiently, and get a deeper understanding of what’s working and what’s not. When you increase your visibility into project allocation, you’ll drive your business further ahead.

Documents and Sharing

Centralized Place for Documents

You know that email, with the document you’re looking for, that someone sent you last week? Yeah, that one. You might as well kiss it good-bye, right? This doesn’t happen when you centralize documents and tie them to their projects. In LiquidPlanner, you’ll be able to upload virtually any kind of file to specific tasks and projects so nothing goes missing. Connect your Dropbox, Google Drive or Box accounts for additional document storage and collaboration features.

Predictive Schedules

Integrated Scheduling Engine

LiquidPlanner has a patented predictive scheduling engine that empowers teams and entire corporations to plan and execute thousands of concurrent projects. The best part is, with each update and change, the schedule is instantly updated in real time. This means any time you check your project plan, it’s up to date, and gives you a predictive range of when projects and their tasks will finish. With scheduling combined with resource management, task management and time tracking, you’ve got a comprehensive work management software solution for the most complex businesses.


In the Cloud, Always Available

LiquidPlanner is a cloud-based software solution. Your team will have secure access to their work from any location and at any time they have an internet connection. Our platform is available on both desktops and mobile devices. Your team will never miss a beat or be out of connection with the work they need to get done.

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 Since using LiquidPlanner, our directors and managers have more confidence that a project will be finished when we say it will. Going forward, I would expect that we could see a six month to one year improvement on our average project duration. 


Steve Watkins R & D Engineering Manager, Rotork

 LiquidPlanner transformed the way the team performed and acted and changed what they did to meet the deadlines. You don’t argue with the estimates. You change your plan so that it will work. We actually ended up finishing the project a few days early. 


Tim Hughes, Dir. of Solutions and Services, Airways New Zealand

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