Updating the LiquidPlanner App for Salesforce

The below information is for customers who installed the LiquidPlanner App for Salesforce prior to December 29, 2014.  If you have not yet installed this integration from the Salesforce App Exchange, please follow the instructions here instead:  Installing the LP App for Salesforce.

With the ability to have Multiple Owners on Tasks (released on January 10, 2015), a change to the LiquidPlanner API was necessary.  This change in turn affected the Salesforce App integration.  In order for the Salesforce integration to work after ourJanuary 10th, you must UPDATE the Salesforce App. 

In addition to updating the app, you will also need to DELETE two objects from Salesforce.  Instructions for both are below.

But first, you may be wondering “Why do I need to delete objects?”  When app developers remove fields in new versions of their apps, Salesforce does not actually delete any fields. They do this in order to ensure that app releases won’t delete any of your data.  However, in our case, the continued existence of certain fields will prevent the new version of the integration from working properly. Fear not – no data will be lost.

  1. Go to App Exchange (click HERE)
  2. When prompted to log in, be sure that person installing is a Salesforce Administrator
  3. Package Upgrade Details page – click “Continue”
  4. Approve Package API Access – Step 1 of 3 – click “Next”
  5. Step 2, choose security Level: select “Grant access to all users” and click “Next”
  6. Step 3, Install Package: click “Install” (takes a while – hard to tell anything is happening)
  7. See “Install Complete” message.
  1. Go to Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects
  2. Click on “Project”
  3. Scroll down. Under “Custom Fields & Relationships”, click on “Del” to the left of “Project Owner”
  4. Check the box in the pop-up to confirm, and then click “Delete”
  5. THEN – GO BACK TO…  App Setup > Create > Objects
  6.   Click on “Project Owner”
  7. Under “Custom Fields & Relationships”, click on “Del” to the left of “Workspace”
  8. Check the box in the pop-up to confirm, and then click “Delete”

 Until objects are deleted, the LiquidPlanner integration will not work.

Here are what the errors look like if this is not done:

Projects Tab:


Opportunity layout:


NOTE:  When these objects are deleted, there is NO risk with regard to losing existing linked projects. These fields are not on the object that keeps track of the Salesforce to LiquidPlanner linking even though the naming conventions make it sound as though they would.


The original version of the LP App for Salesforce only included the Opportunity Layout. If you wish to install the Account Layout, so that you can create LP projects from the Account record, or link projects that were created in LiquidPlanner to an Account, you will need to do the following:

  1. Go to App Setup > Customize > Accounts > Page Layouts.
  2. You’re not going to use or edit the new “LiquidPlanner Account Layout” that was installed with the package. Instead, click “NEW”.  (Or edit an existing layout, if desired.)
  3. If “New”, you’re going to clone your existing layout and add a new section to it by selecting your existing page layout, filling in a new name and then click “Save”.
  4. Select Visualforce Pages
  5. Drag a new “Section” into the desired location on the page
  6. Give the section a name and select “1-Column”. Then click “OK”
  7. Drag and drop the “LiquidPlanner Acc…” Visualforce Page into the new section you created in steps above
  8. Once it’s there, hover over the blue “LiquidPlanner Account Projects (Scrollbars) section to see the wrench icon. Click the wrench and select “Show scrollbars”.  Then click “OK”.
  9. SAVE your layout
  10. Click “Page Layout Assignment” and then
  11. Click “Edit Assignment”
  12. Select Profiles that need to see this new layout and select which “Page Layout To Use”, then click “Save”. (In my example, I’m only doing this for the Sys Admin – you may need to do this for everyone).

Assuming you’ve finished all of the installation steps, that’s it – you’re ready to go!  Start creating projects from the Account as well as the Opportunity record.

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