Why LiquidPlanner


Projects are complex. The tool you use to schedule them doesn’t have to be.

Meet the easiest multi-project scheduling system on the planet.

LiquidPlanner’s unique, priority-based scheduling engine saves you hours of work each week, and gives you faster, more accurate results than any manual process you’ve used in the past.

Drag and drop projects and tasks

Drag and drop projects and tasks into priority order, and instantly see the impact on your plan. Decisions about new work, cuts and load balancing can be made in minutes, not weeks.

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Handle it all in one place.

Whether you have 100 items or 10,000 items to track, LiquidPlanner’s got you covered. By leveraging robust scheduling algorithms and asynchronous processing, we instantly recalculate all schedules across your portfolio whenever anything in your plan is updated.

Get Results.

When your plan is grounded in reality, you’re more informed, more competitive, and more in control.


A project management solution that can be molded to fit.

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We know that your team and processes are unique.

That’s why we built LiquidPlanner to be the most flexible online project management system ever. Simple building blocks enable you to set up a secure workspace that mimics your organization’s style and process. Work in traditional waterfall fashion, contemporary agile methodologies, or just run a lean ad-hoc process.

When you’re doing serious business, you need a full-featured system with time tracking, analytics and reporting. To get people to use it, you’ve got to give them a simple and fast interface for making updates and collaborating together. Whether you’re a team member, a project manager, or an executive, LiquidPlanner makes it easier to do your job.

Change is a fact of life for teams.

That’s why we’ve made it easy to evolve your workflow as your team grows. You can start simple then add more structure, or go in the reverse to simplify over-architected planning models. Built-in best practices for managing inbound work lighten the load of day-to-day processes.


Bring the conversation, the collateral, and the crew together.

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It’s about people.

Communicating, sharing, and updating project information should be simple and painless. When everyone participates, everyone wins. LiquidPlanner is designed to keep teams connected, so they can move projects forward together.

It’s about purpose.

No decision is more critical to your success than how your team spends its time. By aligning your plan with your goals and priorities, you create a shared sense of purpose. Finally, the big picture and today’s to do list in one central place.

It’s about progress.

Projects are how business objectives are achieved; they’re the currency of the information economy. If you can evolve your process to get more projects done, you’ll see results go straight to the bottom line. No matter what team you’re on, that’s a win.

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