The Best Alternative to Microsoft Project

for Modern Project Management

LiquidPlanner is the only project management solution that uses the power of predictive scheduling to dynamically adapt to change and manage uncertainty.

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Go beyond classic project management and experience the power of predictive scheduling

Microsoft Project
Predictive Scheduling
Automatic Resource Leveling
Priority-based Planning
Ranged Estimation
Integrated Learning Academy
Task Management
Integrated Time-Tracking
Alerts & Insights
Portfolio Views
Project Views
Availability Management
Dynamic Dashboards
Timesheet Review & Exports
Unlimited Workspaces
Real-Time Workload Views
Customizable Access Controls
Change Tracking

What our customers are saying

Product Strategy and Rate of Improvement

LiquidPlanner 90%
MS Project 74%

Satisfaction that Cost is Fair Relative to Value​

LiquidPlanner 92%
MS Project 79%

Plan to Renew​

LiquidPlanner 100%
MS Project 93%

Vendor Support

LiquidPlanner 89%
MS Project 75%

LiquidPlanner has everything your team needs

Align your people, projects, and priorities, and ensure the right people are working on the right things at the right time.

Predictive Scheduling

Forecast when work will be done with a predictive scheduling engine that dynamically adapts to change.

Ranged Estimation

Capture uncertainty through estimation that empowers you with best-case & worst-case predictions.

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Dashboard Insights

Leverage data-driven insights to improve performance and support key decisions in your portfolio.


Automatic Resource Leveling

Automatically levels workload for your team across multiple projects and dependencies.

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Priority-Based Planning

Move your tasks from one status to the next while keeping priorities aligned across all projects.

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