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So much has been made about the future of work, from the rise of the 1099 “gig” worker to the employee who works one full-time job and moonlights in another. Not sure either of these things are really new, but the data doesn’t lie. More than 53 million Americans, or about a third of all
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Facing Failure As a Startup: LiquidPlanner CTO Series

“Startups are hard,” Jason Carlson admits in the latest installment of our CTO Series. Not only does it take a unique vision, enormous commitment and hard boiled determination, you might have to take up jobs outside your expertise and hustle beyond your wildest dreams And then, there’s chance and timing—which can be for you or
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How to Make Your Project Schedule Work for You

At a recent conference, I was asked, “Why do project managers hate schedules?” I had to think about this for a while because I don’t think project managers hate schedules. I think what project managers don’t like is the administrative work required to maintain it.  A detailed and well thought out project schedule is my
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LiquidPlanner Now Connects to Okta

Are you an Okta customer? In February we launched single sign-on (SSO) functionality. This streamlines access to LiquidPlanner for our customers and makes it easy for IT admins to manage employee access. Today, we’re thrilled to announce that LiquidPlanner now connects to Okta and is part of Okta Application Network, a catalog of thousands of pre-integrated
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