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Prioritizing project work is a challenge for project teams across many industries. While shifting priorities are a natural part of working life, when you don’t prioritize work you can lay havoc to all your team’s projects and initiatives, and even drain team morale. Effective prioritization is as much an art as a science. Here are
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What We’re Reading: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Are you busy? Or do you think you’re busy because you spend a lot of time working? If you answered yes to this last question, then stop what you’re doing and read this Inc. article, “Why Working Hard Isn’t the Same as Working Smart ,” from entrepreneur and startup author Steve Blank. Blank’s thesis is
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Advice for Project Managers: How to Better Prioritize Work and Projects

  This advice column addresses common project management and workplace challenges. If you have question, ask  Elizabeth! Email your question to: with the subject “Advice Column.” Anonymity included.     Dear Elizabeth: I manage a team that that is always juggling multiple project tasks. How can I keep my team focused on their top
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5 Project Management Tips for Manufacturing Teams

Taking a product from concept to production is a complicated undertaking. There’s a lot at stake, and a lot can go wrong along the way. For example, there’s time-to-market market and quality control issues; you have to consider supply chain, global teams, international trade issues, regulations, product development phased and more. And still, I’m constantly
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