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If you’re a project manager or lead, you’ve struggled to keep your team working on the highest priority task at some point in time. And you probably also need to keep work prioritized across multiple projects. Prioritizing work can be the bane of every project lead’s existence but it doesn’t have to be the status
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How Do You Know You’re On to Something Great?

This is the second blog in a 9-part video series featuring LiquidPlanner CTO and co-founder Jason Carlson. These short clips tell the story of creating LiquidPlanner, and share Jason’s insider expertise on what makes our unique Dynamic Project Management a particularly effective business driver for high-performance project teams. Today’s tale recounts the moment when Jason
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The Project Manager’s Guide to Managing Job Stress

You probably know about some of the negative impacts of stress—on your health, on your relationships, on your career. But here’s an angle that few of us speaks about in the world of project management: managing stress so it doesn’t have a negative outcome on your project. When project leaders are stressed and their teams
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What We’re Reading This Week: Everyone Agile!

If software is eating the world, Agile has become the go-to process for designing, building, testing and deploying it. Everyone from Facebook to Google and IBM use Agile to move business forward, faster. But despite the thousands of companies that have implemented Agile methods, there’s still quite a bit of confusion as to what it
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