The Only Software That Predicts Finish Dates with 90% Confidence

Our groundbreaking predictive scheduling engine is based on ranged estimates to generate best-case/worst-case scenarios to model when tasks and projects can realistically start and finish. 

LiquidPlanner factors your organization’s priorities into your project plans from the beginning, so teams are always focused on the most critical work.

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Rated as One of the Best Resource Management Systems by G2 users

Why is Our Resource Scheduler the Best?

G2 users rated LiquidPlanner in the top 5 Resource Management Systems. LiquidPlanner’s resource management software is unique from other resource management systems because it takes the entire organization’s priorities into account. Organizations who use LiquidPlanner don’t need to fight for resource capacity. Our workload software schedules resources based on organization-wide priorities to make your job easier.

G2 rates products quarterly based on reviews from their user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. The Grid® from G2 represents the democratic voice of real software users, rather than the subjective opinion of one analyst.  

Try the Resource Management System rated as one of the best workload planning tools in the market.

Does It Feel Like Everything is Priority #1?

Did you know that only 16% of people say that they always hit their deadlines? Try the only project management solution that can predict when work will be done with 90% confidence. 

Manage Complex Projects

Rated the best project management software for managing complex projects. LiquidPlanner helps you manage tasks and priorities across multiple projects and dependencies. Quickly see problems with resources, teams, or projects before it is too late with our next-generation portfolio project management software.

Collaborate More Efficiently

Never fight for resources between teams again. LiquidPlanner makes it easy for you to schedule resource dependencies between teams and have a common understanding of what is most important. Save valuable time by reducing status update meetings. Let our complex scheduling engine do the hard work for you so you have more time to do the important things.

Are Your Resources Aligned Across the Company?

LiquidPlanner shows how changing one priority affects capacity planning across the portfolio. 
Try a different resource management system.

Dependancy Tracking

Let our complex simulation do the difficult work to ensure your resources have capacity for your next project.

Manage Shifting Priorities

Know immediately when a shift in priorities affects capacity across the portfolio with LiquidPlanner.

What's Included In LiquidPlanner's Project Management Software

Get the core planning intelligence features your team needs to schedule, track, and manage work.

Predictive Scheduling

Task Management

Integrated Time-Tracking

Change Tracking

Alerts & Insights

Portfolio Mangement View

Project Priority View

Project Assignments View

Project Workload View

Project Grid View

Timesheet Views

Personal Workflow Views

Availability Management

Project Dashboards

Portfolio Search

Frequently Asked Questions

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Manage Uncertainty Like Never Before

Get our ULTIMATE Plan with a free trial for a full suite of project management solutions to plan, predict and perform with confidence.