Improve Engineering Project Performance

Optimize Your Complex Projects

Did you know that only 16% of people say that they always hit their deadlines? Engineering teams who use best-in-class practices such as lean and scrum often cite it isn’t enough to ensure proper resource allocation and time management practices. 

Some of the common problems engineering companies face in delivering projects on time and within budget include:

  • Identifying and managing dependencies between teams
  • Difficulty estimating time to complete new projects
  • Trouble shifting priorities quickly and efficiently

Liquidplanner Calculates When Work Will Be Done With 90% Confidence

Global engineering leaders use LiquidPlanner to align their people, projects and priorities to ensure the right people are working on the right things at the right time.  

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Liquidplanner Helps BHS Robotics See Their Path to Success

“I’ve gone through multiple programs with regards to resource and project management. This one by far is the best; it’s the only one that is truly fluid. It really helps plan the timeline for your projects and shows you the path of how you will achieve it. ”

Smarter Planning is a Click Away

Rated the best software for complex projects by PC Magazine, smarter planning is a click away. 

What Our Customers Are Saying

“We love being able to track billable vs non-billable activities and create monthly reports…Team collaboration and task management across a multi-disciplinary engineering team has been greatly improved as well as more accurate commit dates to customer and forecast of available work.”

– LiquidPlanner customer, Mechanical Engineering Manager

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Core Planning Intelligence Features

LiquidPlanner offers everything your team needs to estimate, prioritize, and execute efficiently.  Always have an accurate schedule and resource capacity plan that you can trust.  

Predictive Scheduling

Forecast when work will be done with a predictive scheduling engine that dynamically adapts to change.

Time Management

Collaborate with your team and track progress while making the most of your time and resources.

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Automatic Resource Leveling

Automatically levels workload for your team across multiple projects and dependencies.

Priority-Based Planning

Move tasks from one status to the next while keeping priorities aligned across all projects.

Ranged Estimation

Capture uncertainty in your plan through  estimation that empowers your team with best case – worst case predictions.

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Dashboard Insights

Leverage data-driven insights to improve performance and support key decisions in your portfolio.