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Juggling multiple people and projects

Managing multiple projects can feel like a juggling act with competing resource needs and deadlines. LiquidPlanner’s engine looks at team availability, work estimates and assignments across the portfolio to show you what’s possible and when.

Gain a streamlined view of everything in flight, with the real-time data you need to optimize your team’s capacity and deliver quality work on time.

Birds’ eye view

Do you have enough capacity to take on new projects? Is it time to hire? LiquidPlanner answers these questions.

Time is money and people are our most important resource. See the bandwidth for the whole company across the entire portfolio. Powerful views provide the data project managers need to spot bottlenecks, and quickly identify overload and underload to maximize performance.

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A view for everyone

Portfolio, project, department and people Workload Views. LiquidPlanner has you covered.

See how work is distributed, spot opportunities to go faster, and mitigate resource problems with Workload Views at every level.

Multi-tasking, time-off, and no more overload

LiquidPlanner automatically levels workload for your team across multiple projects, taking into account non-working times to eliminate overload and provide a realistic schedule.

Build time off, company holidays and individual availability into your project plans. Set advanced scheduling limits to model concurrent work.

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See it in action

LiquidPlanner is a secure home for all your projects. Every member of your team can engage with the plan to see their priorities clearly and manage their progress.