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Capture Uncertainty with Ranged Estimation | LiquidPlanner

Ranged Estimation

Uncertainty is inevitable

In today’s ever-changing environment, forecasting exactly how long everything in your project work breakdown structure will take is impossible.

The uncertainty in project work is constant, and fixed schedule dates and finite durations are a thing of the past.

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fixed and range estimates shown on schedule bars

Teams naturally underestimate

People are inherently optimistic and often provide low fixed estimates because they don’t want to let managers down. The psychology behind forecasting with best case and worst case scenarios, or ranged estimates, is empowering for project teams.

LiquidPlanner helps people get better at estimating than ever before, as logged progress can be compared to the initial forecast of effort. Capture change history at the portfolio level all the way down to the team member and task detail.

Best case – worst case ranges

Ranged estimates (for example, 3 – 5 days) account for uncertainty in your plan from the start and are visible in every schedule bar. The wider the white bar, the more uncertainty to wrangle.

Using ranged estimates allows LiquidPlanner’s engine to expose uncertainty in your plans before it becomes a problem.

Estimation Dialogue w bar 1
staus bars liquidplanner

Statistically correct schedules

Since estimates are entered as a range, finish dates are also predicted as a range: Expected Finish (your best case finish) to Latest Finish (your worst case finish).

Ranged estimates are set on assignments that roll up to the task. Task estimates roll up to the project and package to build your schedule. It’s a statistically correct roll up that uses probability to determine the likelihood of one outcome over another by factoring in everything else that’s going on in your portfolio.

See it in action

LiquidPlanner is a secure home for all your projects. Every member of your team can engage with the plan to see their priorities clearly and manage their progress.