Predictive Scheduling

Take the Surprises Out of Project Scheduling


Reduce the Risks of the Uncertain and the Unforeseen

As teams scramble to move through project phases, the business requirements, competitive dynamics, and economic trends can shift at an ever-increasing pace. This makes project change—and a lot of it—inevitable and unavoidable. Traditional project management tools struggle to deal with this change. The result? Missed deadlines, unhappy stakeholders and scope creep, to name just a few catastrophes. These unwelcome surprises can leave a mark on the project, organization and your credibility.
Thankfully there’s a better way. While traditional project management tools require teams to arbitrarily guess at project duration and completion dates, LiquidPlanner helps teams plan, schedule, adjust and predict when projects will be completed even when duration and completion dates are unknown. At the core of LiquidPlanner is a unique scheduling engine capable of predicting when an entire portfolio of projects will be completed based on a few key inputs.

The Foundation of Your Better Path

Better Gantt Charts

Priority Based Scheduling

Identifying and prioritizing project tasks based on the project requirements is the first component for estimating a project schedule. LiquidPlanner provides task prioritization functionality not only for a single project, but across an entire portfolio of projects. To prioritize work, teams simply place projects and tasks in the desired order and LiquidPlanner automatically converts that order into a priority list.

Estimate in Ranges

Ranged Estimates

Unlike other tools, LiquidPlanner allows each team member on a project to estimate the amount of effort necessary to complete each task within a project. This estimation forms the backbone of a set of probability distributions that are used to model change into the project plan. By using multiple point estimates (best case/worst case), it’s much easier for teams to identify the impact of random changes on the plan throughout the duration of the project.

Stay on Track

Schedule Bars

While generating ranges with statistical simulation, the LiquidPlanner scheduling engine tracks the number of occurrences for start and end dates to generate a schedule bar. The schedule bar consists of the effort required to complete plan items like packages, sub-folders, tasks and whole projects. This view enables project managers to get visibility into project statuses and risks at a glance.

Collaborate with Purpose

Resource Leveling

To overcome the most common issues of under- and over-utilized team members, the LiquidPlanner project scheduling engine creates a realistic view of resource availability across multiple projects. The resource-leveling feature is inherent within LiquidPlanner, meaning if there is any change in the availability of a resource or any change in the task prioritization, the schedule is adjusted automatically to compensate.

A New World

By using advanced statistical calculations to measure the impact of project changes, LiquidPlanner helps project managers deal with changes quickly. You can see the impact of changes on the full project schedule, and clearly communicate to all stakeholders the impact of the scope change on every project. You will be a better worker, better team and better organization, with LiquidPlanner. Welcome to a new world.

How it works

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 Since using LiquidPlanner, our directors and managers have more confidence that a project will be finished when we say it will. Going forward, I would expect that we could see a six month to one year improvement on our average project duration. 


Steve Watkins R & D Engineering Manager, Rotork

 LiquidPlanner transformed the way the team performed and acted and changed what they did to meet the deadlines. You don’t argue with the estimates. You change your plan so that it will work. We actually ended up finishing the project a few days early. 


Tim Hughes, Dir. of Solutions and Services, Airways New Zealand

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