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Predictive Scheduling

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Everyone wants to know: When?

When will my project finish? LiquidPlanner built a predictive forecasting engine to answer this question and help teams plan with confidence.

LiquidPlanner runs sophisticated Monte Carlo simulations on the whole portfolio, factoring in priorities, team capacity and ranged estimates to accurately forecast schedule dates. You can quickly see the Expected Start and Finish dates and know when projects will finish with 90% confidence.

Deadline driven

Other tools help you remember your deadlines. LiquidPlanner gives you the confidence that you’ll actually meet them.

A deadline in LiquidPlanner is called a Target Finish. Guide the engine with your Target Start and Target Finish Dates, then prioritize, assign, and estimate your work. Let the predictive scheduling engine do the number crunching for you tell you if you can hit your deadline.”

Target Finish Snippets
Schedule Risk Magnifier

See risk in real-time

When an item is in danger of missing a Target Finish, a red Schedule Risk alert appears everywhere. You can’t miss it.

LiquidPlanner provides the details for why the work is at risk and the information you need to take action. See and manage deadline risk before it is too late.

Smart schedule bars

Schedule Bars are automatically created for projects, subfolders, tasks, and assignments.

When priorities shift, scope changes, or your key team resource moves to a different project, LiquidPlanner automatically recalculates all project work impacted in the entire portfolio.  LiquidPlanner’s Smart Schedule Bars capture uncertainty and dynamically adapt to change. See all your schedule information update in real-time, at every level. 

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See it in action

LiquidPlanner is a secure home for all your projects. Every member of your team can engage with the plan to see their priorities clearly and manage their progress.