Plan Smarter with LiquidPlanner


When will my project be done?

It’s the most important question everyone wants to know – yet it’s the one thing most project planning software can’t really tell you.

An Integrated Project Portfolio

Our priority–based system is a game changer for managing portfolios. Simple building blocks of Projects and Packages provide a powerful way to keep thousands of tasks organized.

Schedule Views

Planning Intelligence is driven by prioritization, assignments, and estimates. It’s easy to move work and to re-prioritize and adapt to changes. The timeline is always up-to-date.

Workload Views

A good visualization of workload is a key benefit of Planning Intelligence. Understanding how your team spends it’s time and manages dependencies is critical to optimizing performance.

Task Board Views

Board views are ideal for managing daily work and are popular with Agile and Kanban teams. Our boards are unique because they are fully integrated with automatic scheduling. 

Start small then grow

5 people can plan 3 small projects on the FREE PLAN

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Our dashboards practically build themselves and are designed to provide one-click answers.

Groups & Access Controls

Groups provide an additional dimension for larger teams.  Groups have their own workload and task board views.

Groups are also the foundation of access controls.  Advanced access allows people and groups to play different roles on specific projects and packages.

Tracking & Timesheets

Time tracking is fully integrated with the planning experience. Each member has a timesheet to see weekly time logged and managers can review a summary of tracked time.

Data Customization

For teams that want to customize, multiple data types can be added to Projects, Tasks, Members and more.  Custom data can be used for categorization, filtering and analysis.

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My Work

Every member has a home for their personal productivity. Project assignments are shown in personalized Workload and Board views. We help everyone stay focused and on track.

Integrated Academy

We have made project management as simple as possible. For what’s left to learn, we offer an integrated Academy full of lessons to help your project succeed.

Start small then grow

5 people can plan 3 small projects on the FREE PLAN

Put your team on the fast track to Planning Intelligence with LiquidPlanner Academy.

Answer the question “when” while learning the ins and outs of LiquidPlanner’s scheduling engine, no hand holding required. Each video lesson will bring your team a step closer to being able to schedule, track, and manage collaborative work, unlocking the power of Planning Intelligence and Predictive Scheduling 

Does your project management tool have planning intelligence?

Everyone wants to know when projects will be done but knowing when can feel impossible. Managing uncertainty is hard work. Priorities and work are constantly changing. How can you keep up when you can’t see the path? Planning intelligence is the new approach to project automation that adapts to change in real time and lets your team do their best work.