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We're the only automated scheduling and forecasting solution on the market.

Being able to anticipate is a hallmark trait of the strategic project manager. LiquidPlanner helps you stay one step ahead of the curve by allowing you to plan and prioritize hundreds of projects and track how changes to one project will impact others — as well as analyze the associated resources and risks, all within a single powerful application.

Plan with Purpose

Project- and Task-Level Priorities

Build and manage a pipeline of pending, approved and active projects, and analyze your portfolio for insights into how project priority affects your deadlines and finish dates. With drag-and-drop prioritization at the project and task level, and cross-portfolio visibility, all stakeholders and collaborators can easily view and adjust company priorities together, if needed.

Estimated Ranges

Every project involves some amount of uncertainty — but only LiquidPlanner lets you manage it. Simply estimate a realistic range of time to complete tasks, and LiquidPlanner calculates when you’re most-likely to complete your work. It takes team availability, vacations and priorities into account, so you can finally trust your schedule.

Automated Resource Leveling

LiquidPlanner’s Resource Workload Report shows how much work is on each team member’s plate, when they’re working on it, and if they are at risk of missing a deadline. And whether you’re planning for near-term or long-term projects, resource availability, vacations, events and dependencies are automatically factored into your schedule.

Track with Confidence

Smarter Time Tracking

LiquidPlanner timesheets are prepopulated with the work you’ve been assigned for the week and will automatically update if your tasks change. And to make life even easier, our integrated timer tracks actual time spent on tasks, so your time entries are more accurate than after-the-fact guesses.

Card View

Move projects and tasks through a Kanban-style flow — from Pending to Approved, and In Progress to Done. LiquidPlanner’s Card View allows you to run off of custom field definitions that you create, so you can build a board that works best for your unique project workflows.


Like a time machine for your project portfolio, LiquidPlanner automatically snaps a baseline of your project plan every day (or you can snap a manual baseline) so you can compare the status of your project today to any point in the past. Use baselines to understand when dates have slipped, estimates have expanded or scope has increased.

Analyze with Ease

Powerful Dashboards

Your project workspace holds a wealth of business intelligence. In LiquidPlanner, you can create detailed, customizable high-level views to help visualize key data, and share relevant project information with workspace members, stakeholders, and external collaborators, or even manage your own work.

Advanced Analytics

Data from projects often informs many other critical business decisions, and getting that source data from LiquidPlanner has never been easier. You can easily build reports that show the status of a single project or the health of your entire portfolio, including overall project performance, resource utilization, costs and profits, and so much more.

Project Costing

Billing and pay rates quantify the return on your team’s time investments and help you make informed decisions. When a team member submits a completed timesheet, managers can review, approve and export the timesheet for use with their billing system. And with custom activity fields for tracking, reporting and invoicing is a breeze.


How is LiquidPlanner different from other project management tools?

LiquidPlanner is the only project management tool on the market that has an automated scheduling engine to calculate when your projects are expected to be done.

What does LiquidPlanner offer for project costing?

Yes, LiquidPlanner allows you to estimate and track your project cost.

Is LiquidPlanner accessible from various devices?

LiquidPlanner is a cloud-based solution, and therefore is accessible by any device that can access the internet. We also have a mobile app.

Which tpes of teams could benefit from using LiquidPlanner project management software?

LiquidPlanner works well for many types of teams, especially Engineering, Software, IT, Professional Services, and Project Management Teams, view custom stories here.

Does LiquidPlanner have an invoicing feature?

LiquidPlanner does not have an invoicing feature, but we have an Open API, allowing our customers to build integrations between LiquidPlanner and other tools.

How does LiquidPlanner manage risks?

LiquidPlanner automatically looks for risk in your schedule with out scheduling engine, turning red, when a project deadline is at risk.

What plans do you have available?

We have two plans, Professional and Enterprise.

What integrations do you offer?

We offer document management integrations with Box, Google Drive and Dropbox. Other integrations can be built via our Open API, or Zapier.

Can I automate workflows in LiquidPlanner?

LiquidPlanner does not have customizable automated workflows.

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