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The Planning Intelligence Company

In 2008 we introduced the magic of predictive scheduling.

We saw the need to go beyond stale schedules that didn’t represent the real world.  So, we built the first online solution to capture and manage project uncertainty.  Teams using LiquidPlanner have built products, created cures, and even reached space.  A hundred thousand projects later, and we are still focused on pushing the limits of planning.

Since 2021, we've offered Planning Intelligence.

We are dedicated to helping high-performing teams reach even higher. A few years ago, we set out to design and build the simplest, most powerful and scalable planning solution possible.  This created a new category of solution called Planning Intelligence, which is at the core of the new LiquidPlanner.

The Chemistry of Planning Intelligence

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With Planning Intelligence you’ll always know the answer to the question, when?

Great planning software understands that people and algorithms work together to solve one ultimate productivity question. That critical question is, when? When will your projects be done? When can we take on new work? When do we need to make the next hard decision?

Planning intelligence has six smart elements working together to organize, control and predict the chaos that comes with fast-moving projects. This is a new approach to project automation that adapts to change (in real time) and forecasts the future. We offer a new competitive advantage and a modern way to manage uncertainty in your project work.

Our Company Values


We work proactively to gain knowledge in our disciplines, our fields, and our industry. We share our knowledge freely and openly with our team, and we ask thoughtful questions of others to better understand the problems and opportunities around us.


We embrace change—in our product, in our roles, in our strategies—because we believe evolution is necessary for us to achieve our mission. We continually raise the bar for higher performance and standards and trust each other to manage the risks associated with change.


We know that our focused work drives results. We strive to be fast, effective, and thorough. We act now, not later, to capitalize on opportunities and defend against threats. We use our own product to prioritize, track, and collaborate on our work.


We treat our customers, teammates, and members of our community with respect. We are prompt, helpful, professional, and warm when we interact with them, and we work towards leaving every person we serve with a positive impression of LiquidPlanner.


We are a caring community that welcomes, respects, and celebrates diversity. Our commitment to inclusion across race, gender, age, religion, identity, and experience makes our team and business stronger. The only person you need to be at LiquidPlanner is authentically you.


We take responsibility for our attitude, our effort, and our results. We deliver on our commitments. We stretch ourselves. We never settle.

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Jennifer Ash Morrisey VP Product

Jennifer Ash Morrisey

VP Product

Troy Frever Liquidpanner VP Engineering

Troy Frever

VP Engineering