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Time Management


You can’t manage what you can’t see

Know where time is being spent and have a historical aggregate of how long work takes for future estimation.

Benefit from a system where logged time automatically updates the schedule in real time, to show when work will be done and when you can start something new.

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Custom task statuses

Knowing the status of work is just as important as knowing when it will finish. Customize your task status to your team’s workflow.

Create a task work breakdown for each project, assign your team, and estimate the work involved. Model workflow your way and save time chasing down progress updates. 

“My Work” views

Provide each team member with the type of view they want to work in; prioritized lists, Board, and Timesheet Views to help them get the right work done.

See what’s in progress, what’s blocked, what’s done, and what’s left to do by project, person and team. Favorite the views you use the most and optimize your time management.

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Cost Codes & Rate Sheets Image

Account for where time goes

Tracking time records progress and lets everyone else know how things are going. It also provides visibility for where time was actually spent for future planning. 

Use Cost Codes to categorize the type of work being done for a historical look-back, and see where you plan to spend your time in the future. Set up Custom Rate Sheets to track billable time. 

See it in action

LiquidPlanner is a secure home for all your projects. Every member of your team can engage with the plan to see their priorities clearly and manage their progress.