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All plans include the core Planning Intelligence features to schedule, track and manage work. 

Powerful enough for real work and evaluation
Max Users: 10
Max Tasks: 300
Max Projects: 3
$15 /mo./user*
More capacity for larger portfolios and teams
Max Tasks: 5,000
Max Projects: 50
From $25 /mo./user*
Advanced features for more powerful planning
Max Tasks: 50,000
Max Projects: 500
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Ultimate features, service, and volume pricing
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10 people can plan 3 small projects on the FREE PLAN

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“In that 24-hour period when we moved the project from being over-budget and over-schedule to on-time, the ROI was phenomenal. LiquidPlanner was so effective at being flexible. “

– Airways New Zealand

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LiquidPlanner’s unique approach to Planning Intelligence offers a simple, powerful, and scalable solution for your team’s planning chaos. Designed for high-performing teams, Planning Intelligence combines ranged-estimates, automatic scheduling, integrated tracking, and prioritization in a familiar and easy to use methodology that delivers remarkable insights and results. Multiple teams with multiple work styles can find a shared home for planning in a secure online workspace.