Start your 14-day free trial. No credit card required.

14-Day Free Trial

14-Day Free Trial

No credit card required.


14-Day FREE Professional Trial

  • Analytics & Trend Charts
  • Dashboards & Project Portals
  • Baseline & Card Views
  • Custom Fields
  • Virtual Members
  • API Access


Best for departments and small businesses that manage multiple projects.



    • Analytics & Trend Charts
    • Dashboards & Project Portals
    • Baseline & Card Views
    • 20 Custom Fields
    • 25 Virtual Members
    • API Access
    • Silver Onboarding Package (10+ seats)


Best for large organizations that manage hundreds of projects.


All the features from Professional +

    • Resource Workload Report
    • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Expenses
    • Unlimited External Dashboards
    • 50 Custom Fields
    • 50 Virtual Members
    • Gold Onboarding Package (10+ seats)


Can I try LiquidPlanner for free?

You can try LiquidPlanner free for 14 days—no credit card required. Simply start a trial to get started. During your free trial, you’ll get full access to the LiquidPlanner Professional edition (unless you request Enterprise edition features during sign up) to start running live projects. There are no setup fees or hidden costs, and there is no commitment should the software not be suitable for your needs.

Can I try Enterprise edition features during my free trial?

Absolutely! Please contact us once you have started your trial to gain access to Enterprise edition features.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

At the end of your LiquidPlanner trial, your workspace will be preserved for 90 days in case you’d like to subscribe. You can sign in and select a plan to purchase or contact us if you need more time to evaluate the software.

Can I have fewer than five users?

No, LiquidPlanner’s predictive scheduling engine can only provide accurate timelines when all members of a team participate in the system. We want growing teams to be able to take advantage of this technology, which is why we offer options for five users or more only.

What are all the features of the Professional tier?

The following is a complete list of features in our Professional tier.

  • Comments within tasks
  • Time tracking
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Analytics
  • Phone and email support
  • API access
  • Built-in integrations with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box
  • Internal Dashboards
  • 100-GB of document storage
  • 25 virtual members
  • 2,000 active tasks
  • 100 clients
  • 20 custom fields
  • 10 external Dashboards
  • Silver onboarding package

What features are included in the Enterprise tier?

Our Enterprise tier includes all the features of Professional, plus the following:

  • 500-GB of document storage
  • 50 virtual members
  • Unlimited active tasks
  • Unlimited clients
  • 50 custom fields
  • Unlimited external Dashboards
  • Gold onboarding package
  • Resource workload report
  • Expenses
  • Single sign-on

What is included in the onboarding packages?

LiquidPlanner offers two different onboarding offerings that are included with 10-seat purchases or more of the Professional and Enterprise editions. We designed our Gold and Silver packages to ensure your team has a smooth implementation of LiquidPlanner.

Which team members should have a LiquidPlanner license?

In traditional project management systems, only project managers have a license for the tool; this generates an enormous amount of overhead for project managers and creates a single point of failure, which then leads to unrealistic plans, missed deadlines, and lost credibility. To build accurate schedules, we recommend that every member of a team have access to LiquidPlanner.

Do I have to pay extra for users with different permission levels?

No, you can set the appropriate permissions for every member without affecting your total cost. With the Professional and Enterprise editions, you are also able to restrict users to specific projects. You can even invite external users (10 in Professional tier; unlimited in Enterprise) to view your LiquidPlanner Dashboards, allowing you to share specific project views with clients or other external stakeholders.

Can I connect LiquidPlanner with third-party apps?

LiquidPlanner offers a host of native integrations and also connects to Zapier for a convenient way to sync data and content between LiquidPlanner and the online services that your team uses on a daily basis.

When are annual payments due?

As a new customer, when you make the decision to purchase, we’ll prompt you to enter your credit card details. After acknowledging the purchase, your card will be charged immediately for the year ahead. Your renewal date will be set to the first day of the purchase month in the following year, and your card will be charged again on that day for the next calendar year. Payment is due up front each year.

What happens if I want to add or remove users midyear?

If you need to add users, we’ll charge your card a prorated amount at the time you buy new licenses. If you are removing licenses, the reduction will go into effect at the start of the next billing cycle.

Where can I review your terms of service and privacy policy?

Here are our terms of service and privacy policy.

I’m a teacher or student. Can I use your software?

You may qualify for our Education Program.

I have more questions. Where do I go for help?

If you have any questions about LiquidPlanner, please get in touch. We’re ready and waiting to help you. If you’d like to explore LiquidPlanner functionality at your own pace, you’ll find comprehensive guides and video tutorials in our support center.

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