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Small Team


User / Month

*Available as a 5-user pack only. $49.95/Mo. Billed Annually.



User / Month

10-user minimum. Billed Annually.



User / Month

10-user minimum. Billed Annually.


Great for small teams that value project visibility, collaboration, intuitive time tracking and task management.

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Ideal for teams managing complex projects that value organization, collaboration, project scheduling and more.

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Our most robust feature set. Designed to manage comprehensive project portfolios and manage resources.

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Join thousands of companies around the world that use LiquidPlanner to manage complex projects and deliver results for their business.

Becton Dickinson
Thermo Fisher Scientific


Active Tasks 250 2000 Unlimited
Document Storage 5GB 100GB 500GB
Virtual Members 5 25 50
Comments within Tasks Included Included Included
Time Tracking Included Included Included
Clients 100 Unlimited
External Dashboards 10 Unlimited
Custom Fields 20 50
Analytics Advanced Advanced
Internal Dashboards Unlimited Unlimited
Included Included
Phone and Email Support Included Included
API Access Included Included
Resource Workload Report Included
Expenses Included
Single Sign-On Included
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Which plan is right for my team?

    Small Team edition is ideal for teams of up to five people that need project visibility, collaboration, time tracking, and task management

    Professional edition is ideal for teams with 10 or more users that need some advanced features such as dashboards and analytics.

    Enterprise edition is ideal for teams that want our most robust feature set and no limit on the number of tasks and virtual members.

  • Can I purchase fewer than 5 seats in Small Team edition?

    LiquidPlanner is based on the Dynamic Project Management methodology, which is a participatory style of project management. We recommend that every member of a team that uses LiquidPlanner has access to the tool. For this reason, we offer LiquidPlanner Small Team edition for 5 seats only.

  • What happens if I need more than 5, but less than 10 seats?

    If you are working with a team of greater than 5 people, you will need to use the Professional or Enterprise edition. Even if you don’t have quite 10 users, you will have access to additional features and you will have the necessary seat licenses available as your business continues to grow.

  • What’s included in the Quick Start program?

    LiquidPlanner Quick Start Onboarding includes four sessions with a member of our Customer Success Team to assist you in getting started. The Quick Start begins with a Welcome Call, and is followed up with three training and/or consulting sessions; each one takes about an hour. Read More.

  • What happens at the end of my free trial?

    At the end of your LiquidPlanner trial, your data and setup remains intact. You can login and select a plan to purchase or contact our sales team for purchasing assistance.

  • How many team members should have a LiquidPlanner seat license?

    In conventional project management solutions, typically, only the Project Managers have a license for the tool. This leads to a single or a few points of failure, which leads to a lack of visibility, unrealistic plans, missed deadlines, and lost credibility. This is why we recommend that every member of a team that uses LiquidPlanner have access to the tool.

  • How can I try Enterprise edition features during my free trial?

    Please contact our sales team once you have started your trial to discuss Enterprise edition features.

  • Which edition of LiquidPlanner will I get with the free trial?

    During your free trial, you get full access to the LiquidPlanner Professional edition (unless you select the Small Team trial during sign up) to start running live projects. There are no setup fees or hidden costs, and there is no commitment should it not be suitable for your needs.

  • Do I need a credit card to sign up for a free trial?


  • Can I integrate LiquidPlanner with 3rd party apps?

    LiquidPlanner offers a host of native integrations and also connects to Zapier for a convenient way to sync data and content between LiquidPlanner and the online services that your team uses on a daily basis. Click here for more information regarding integrations.

  • When are annual payments due?

    As a new customer, when you make the decision to purchase, we’ll prompt for your credit card details. After acknowledging the purchase, your card will be charged immediately for the full year ahead. Your renewal date then gets set to the 1st of the month of the following year – and your card will be charged again on that day, for the next calendar year. In other words, payment is due up front each year.

  • What happens if I want to add more seats mid-year?

    No problem. We’ll charge your card a pro-rated amount at the time you purchase new seats. This allows us to align the renewal of all seats on the same date for upcoming years.

  • Where can I review your Terms of Service and Privacy Policy?

    Here are our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy pages.

  • How long is the free trial?

    14 days.

  • Have more questions?

    We’ve built an amazing library of help and support content for you to review at your own pace. Please visit our Help Center to learn more.


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