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When will your projects be done? LiquidPlanner knows. Discover the magic with a FREE account powerful enough for real project work.

Start Small, Then Grow
Powerful enough for real work and evaluation
Max Users: 5
Max Tasks: 300
Max Projects: 3
Most Affordable
More capacity for larger portfolios and teams
Max Tasks: 5,000
Max Projects: 50
Most Popular
PRO features for more powerful planning
Max Tasks: 50,000
Max Projects: 500
Ultimate features, service, and enterprise pricing
Max Tasks: Unlimited
Max Projects: Unlimited

*Prices shown are per user, per month with annual billing.

Included with FREE & ESSENTIALS Plans

All plans include the core Planning Intelligence features to schedule, track and manage work.

Predictive Scheduling
Task Management
Integrated Time-Tracking
Change Tracking
Alerts & Insights

Portfolio View
Project Priority View
Project Board View
Project Workload View
Project Grid View
Timesheet Views
Personal Work Views
Availability Management
Project Dashboards
Portfolio Search

Premium Features in PROFESSIONAL & ULTIMATE Plans

Custom Data Fields

Define your own data to attach to projects, tasks, and users so that you can categorize and track in any dimension you like.

Custom Filtering

Views and dashboard widgets use filtering to get to the right insights.Custom filtering includes custom data for more insights.

Package Dashboards

If you like Project Dashboards, you’ll really like Package Dashboards. Smart widgets scaled up to multiple projects.

Customizable Cost Codes

Define cost codes to associate with assignments and tracked hours. Provides fine grain time analysis suitable for billing.

Timesheet Review & Export

Features to help managers review and analyze time-tracking performance. Export data directly to Excel files.

Workspace Dashboards

The most powerful dashboards that can draw insights from the whole workspace

Premium Features only available in ULTIMATE Plan

Members & Resource Groups

Members and Resource Groups help larger organizations with data filtering, analysis, and access control.

Project Access Controls

For teams that need more power to work with groups of people and customize access to project & packages.

Multiple Workspaces

Get multiple workspaces for your organization. One license allows members to be invited to any workspace.

Group Workload & Board Views

Group-focused views that you can save to your favorites bar and get one-click access to planning.

Access Roles

Discover a simple access model that leverage Project Manager, Project Editor, and Project Observer roles.

Unlimited Project and Task Data

Create thousands of projects in each workspace with effective limits only being workspace and project complexity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely!

No credit card required. Our FREE PLAN allows up to 5 users, 10 resources, 3 projects, and 300 tasks in one workspace.

Go to Workspace > Manage Account and select Upgrade for the plan you wish to purchase.

Enter the number of licenses needed and use the Upgrade button to confirm your choice.

Only Org Admins can purchase licenses or make subscription updates.

No minimum! You can purchase just one user license on any of our paid plans.

Yes! LiquidPlanner offers a variety of Professional Services to choose from depending on your team’s needs. 

Discover your edge with Professional Services.

Set yourself up for success by learning from our experts.