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Experience an easier and more natural way of gaining confidence with a new solution. LiquidPlanner comes with a built-in academy that helps you “learn while doing” in the product. Learn the product while taking your projects to the next level.

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Sample Academy lessons

Simple, short, and smart.

Five Things to Try First

Learn how to create and prioritize your work by using a sample project. Discover how prioritization and ranged estimates drive predictive scheduling.

Creating Your First Project

Add your own work and engage your team through individual assignments. Start learning how to customize projects and import your existing tasks.

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Prioritize, predict, and perform with confidence.

Start small then grow

5 people can plan 3 small projects on the FREE Plan

“LiquidPlanner has helped us execute projects with more clarity than we’ve ever had. Best of all, we can answer the key ‘when’ questions with predictive forecasting to deliver on-time.”

 – Jerome, The LionFish Co.