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Features for IT

Capture portfolio level visibility across all your projects, collaborate with key business stakeholders, and deliver IT projects according to schedule.


Our IT Customers

Learn how LiquidPlanner helps a new generation of IT teams improve project delivery and seamlessly manage resources across their entire project portfolio.


Benefits for IT

As IT leaders, you’re under increasing pressure to deliver strategic value to your business. LiquidPlanner is the control console for balancing competing priorities and flawless project execution.

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Build Project Schedules You and Your Team Can Trust


Features for PMs

Only LiquidPlanner allows project managers and their teams to use best/worst case estimates based on effort rather than fixed dates. The result? Schedules that reflect the uncertainty that every project manager must account for on a daily basis.


Our PM Customers

Project managers are using LiquidPlanner to reengineer their internal operations, scale their project capabilities and boost their project intelligence.


Benefits for PMs

LiquidPlanner lets you see the whole picture. Gain visibility across all your projects, load balance resources according to demand and generate reports that drive more informed decisions.

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The Smarter Way to Manage Client Work


Features for Professional Services

Keeping clients happy isn’t always easy. LiquidPlanner is the Swiss Army knife for professional service firms. With features like integrated time tracking, client portals and resource management, you can stay one step ahead of your client’s demands.


Our Professional Services Customers

Creative agencies, consulting firms and IT service firms across the globe rely on LiquidPlanner to exceed client expectations, manage their resources and maintain project profitability.


Benefits for Professional Services

Client project data can yield a wealth of intelligence for professional services firms. What is our capacity to take on new client work? Which clients are most or least profitable? LiquidPlanner makes analysis easy, empowering you to make smarter decisions about your business.

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Run Your Next Sprint With Exceptional Efficiency


Features for Development

LiquidPlanner’s unique packaging system lets you build, load balance and deliver your sprints with unprecedented precision. Just drag and drop tasks or features into a package and the LiquidPlanner scheduling engine will automatically calculate the statistically most-likely completion date.


Our Development Customers

Development teams across a range of industries turn to us to plan and manage their sprints. Learn how LiquidPlanner helps them spend less time planning and more time coding.


Benefits for Development

Predictability is crucial for software teams who strive to build trust with their partners in the business. LiquidPlanner’s priority-based scheduling engine delivers the confidence you need to ship on time, every time.

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Keep Your Promises, Plan With Confidence


Features for Marketing

Collaboration is painless with LiquidPlanner. All of your files, conversation threads, and other critical project data remain connected to individual tasks so you’ll spend less time searching and more time doing.


Our Marketing Customers

Discover how forward-thinking marketing teams are collaborating with stakeholders and keeping their projects on track with LiquidPlanner.


Benefits for Marketing

With LiquidPlanner, you’ll be better connected to your team, vendors and partners. Orchestrate all of your long-term planning yet remain agile enough to respond to new opportunities as they emerge.

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Trusted by thousands of companies worldwide
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Ryland Homes
Micro Nav
Tangent Engineering

LiquidPlanner provides visibility at all levels to our current projects, tasks, estimates, schedules, and risks, helping us estimate schedules with confidence and manage and forecast resource availability.

Jason Grovert
CTO, Ryland Homes

With LiquidPlanner, we get an early warning of potential schedule and budget risks, which gives us an opportunity to do something about them before they happen.

Kevin Crump
Operations Director, MicroNav

Since using LiquidPlanner, we estimate that Tangent has seen a 30-40% increase in the amount of projects it can handle.

John Person
VP of Engineering, Tangent Engineering

LiquidPlanner is like having our own project management crystal ball, which helps us more accurately predict internal capacity and meet client expectations.

Diona Kidd
Managing Partner, Knowmad

Since using LiquidPlanner, our directors and managers have more confidence that a project will be finished when we say it will. Going forward, I expect that we could see a six-month to one-year improvement on our average project duration cycles.

Steve Watkins
R & D Engineering Manager


Intelligent PM software. Always available. Expert support.


Flexible best & worst case planning

Best case/worst case estimates are a project game changer. Only LiquidPlanner uses them to calculates realistic schedules that reflect the way you actually work. When your priorities change, so do your project plans—automatically. Finally, a better alternative to old-school, rigid project management.


Mobile solutions for a mobile world

Wherever you might be working, LiquidPlanner has got you covered. Our lightweight phone and tablet apps are focused on the most common features that project managers and team members need while they’re on the go. Whether you’re managing a portfolio of projects or checking tasks off your to-do list, LiquidPlanner’s online project management mobile apps put the essentials at your fingertips.

Award-winning support & onboarding

LiquidPlanner is dedicated to giving you the best service possible. Product experts are available via phone and email to answer any questions you have. Prefer to learn independently? Get up and running in no time with our comprehensive library of video tutorials, webinars and help articles. Custom training for your team is also available.

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