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3 Benefits of Using LiquidPlanner’s Card View for Managing Projects

  Veteran project managers know the value of defining and managing a project schedule. Unless the PM has a crystal ball, an up-to-date schedule is the project manager’s best resource to predict the future. Plus, detailed Gantt charts are often hard to follow and can be downright exhausting to read. As project teams continue to...

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How to Use Custom Fields for Card View in LiquidPlanner

We’ve been excited to introduce Card View to our customers this month—a visual way to interact with your work and manage projects. One of the prerequisites to using Card View, however, is setting up your Custom Fields in a way that best serves your project plan. Here, we’re going to dive in and show you...

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Introducing Card View: A New Way to Visualize Your Work

  When there are hundreds of moving parts across your project portfolio, it’s hard to get the big picture while also keeping an eye on the details. For visual thinkers who might resort to cluttering office walls with sticky notes, or filling up white boards with workflows, we created Card View as a more three-dimensional...

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