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Flipping the Switch: How to Transition From Desktop to Cloud-Based Project Management Software

Embracing the current generation of cloud-based project management software can be a bit thorny for some enterprises. For starters, there can be negative preconceptions on the part of project managers and teams who are accustomed to desktop project management tools. More importantly, security concerns over how project information is distributed—and made transparently—in collaboration software change the...

Project and Portfolio Management 101

The world of project management knowledge can sometimes feel stodgy and pedantic to a practical business person looking for answers. If you’re that person, and if you’re looking for answers about portfolio management, you’ve come to the right place. While a blog post certainly isn’t a substitute for the entire PMBOK textbook, some things are just...

Knowledge Management for Project Teams

First things first—what is knowledge management? Knowledge management by definition is the efficient management of information about a project, initiative or corporate knowledge. More specifically, it’s about taking the information that’s in people’s heads and making it available to the company as needed—by having a process and location to transfer and manage so much accumulated...


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