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7 Project Management Trends for 2015

The project management industry seems to be evolving at a faster rate each year in both methodologies and technologies. The economy and other market forces continue to influence how businesses manage their projects. To prepare for what’s ahead, here are seven project management industry trends for 2015. More remote project teams Online project management software...

8 Benefits of Having Your Project Management Tool in the Cloud

  Cloud-based services are no longer a new concept. An increasing number of organizations are storing their applications and data in a cloud-based system and it’s fast becoming business as usual. In case you have any reservations about cloud computing, here are 8 benefits of having your project management software in the cloud. Easy access....

In the Future Everyone Will Be a Project Manager

Charles Seybold is a bit of a trend-setter in our book. When he makes statements like, “You are a project manager!” to someone who’s a marketing writer, we like to sit down and get the full story. As our Chief Product Officer, Charles co-founded and designed LiquidPlanner with a vision to transform how projects were...


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