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6 Top Project Fears that Dynamic Project Management Makes Disappear

There’s a lot at stake for project teams and their managers. Big money’s on the table, commitments and partnerships have been made, and there’s a network of teams with skilled workers who are coordinating their efforts to make timely hand-offs and deliveries. In short, there’s endless stuff to accomplish and stay on top of. And if you...

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All Aboard! How to Write Your Team Collaboration Manifesto

Getting your team to adopt a new online collaboration platform has its challenges. Issues around culture, user experience, and governance are common speed bumps. For example, employees might squirrel away secret stashes of project documents and business knowledge, in hopes of protecting their jobs, especially during troubled economies. The email inbox, however, remains the common...

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7 Project Management Tips for Successful Project Delivery

As I dropped off my kids at the bus stop for their first day of the school, I thought about all the new experiences they would learn from in the new school year. My oldest will dissect his first frog while my youngest starts solving math problems with four digits. School provides the experiences, skills,...

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LiquidPlanner Case Study: Nonprofit NPower Sets Clear Expectations with Staff and Clients Using LP

Here at LiquidPlanner, we love our nonprofit customers. But how do nonprofits feel about us? To find out, we sat down with Kate Witt, Senior Project Manager at NPower Seattle. As a nation-wide nonprofit, NPower’s goal is to bring information technology services to fellow nonprofits and technology training to young adults. How does Kate and her...

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