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5 Key Principles to Resource Management

The purpose of project management is to bring together people, processes and tools to accomplish a common objective. It follows, then, that one of the most important elements of project management is managing the resources that actually do the work. In practice, however, many PMs focus on measuring resources rather than acting as a force...

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10 Killer Interview Questions for Project Managers on the Job Hunt

Your dream company has invited you to interview for a project management job. They’ve asked you their questions, and now it’s your turn to find out whether the company is a good fit for you. Asking the right questions can give you an accurate glimpse of what it will really be like to work for...

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13 Tips to Help Build Your Teamwork Skills

Are you indispensable to your team? When team collaboration succeeds at high levels, projects and businesses thrive. To be one of these top-performing team members, here are 13 tips to help build your teamwork skills. 13 Tips to Build Teamwork Skills from LiquidPlanner If you found this slideshare helpful, there are more ways to make...

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5 Rules for Virtual Collaboration Among Project Teams

Over the past few years, there’s been a steady increase in virtual and distributed projects. Collaboration tools have flattened the geographical barriers and now allow team members to live in their home state or country and still work virtually. For example, I currently have two projects running in three different countries with team members in...

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6 Ways Online Project Management Tools Improve Collaboration

The best possible project outcome requires effective collaboration. But once a project team grows beyond two guys sitting across a desk from one another, this collaboration becomes increasingly hard to achieve. Project Managers can soon become full-time Project Administrators, spending all their time feeding the team with information that only they can access from their...

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11 Tips for New Project Managers

You have to be a bit of a renaissance person to be a successful project manager. You need skills and natural abilities that range from being a tactical problem solver to reading the nuances of human behavior. If you’re just getting started as a project management professional, then hat’s off to you! To help pave...

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7 Ways to Create Powerful Collaborations Among Teams

Collaboration is a teachable skill. The most successful teams work by harnessing their different strengths to reach a common goal. Phil Jackson, who coached the Chicago Bulls to six NBA championships, said, “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” The following tips will take your...

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4 Keys to Using Collaboration Software in Distributed Teams

It’s no secret that many project teams today are geographically dispersed, even inside relatively small companies. In our “flat” world, nearly everyone relies on distributed resources. Social research from as far back as 40 years ago demonstrates there is a positive correlation between physical proximity and the probability of communication. Individuals whose desks are more...

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