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Five Steps to Getting a Project Done

You’re eager to start a new project and jump right in without trying to make order out of and find meaning in everything that needs to get done. How much time do you spend scratching your head, wondering what to do next or even how or where to start? Having a good plan is the most...

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How to Be a GTD Person in a Waterfall World

I’ve been with the same cell phone carrier for over 10 years. My money has been kept in the same bank since I moved to Canada many years ago. By all accounts, I am a very loyal person to any product, service or system that works for me. Project management and all of its principles—like...

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Hot List: How to Be More Productive

Ask most people if they feel productive enough by day’s end and they’ll probably pause before answering. Most of us think we’re falling short (the work never ends!); we don’t know how to measure our achievements, or we’re moving too fast to assess the results of our daily efforts.   Here are six intriguing and...

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Infographic: How to Manage Productivity–The 5 Stages to Get Things Done (GTD)

It’s everyone’s struggle: focusing on the most important work to be productive in the most impactful way. For the times when you’re stuck (“What do I do now?” “What do I do next?”), this infographic shows how to navigate the five stages of getting a project done. No more tail chasing! How to Manage Productivity...

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